Why get a hobby

  • Self-improvement: hobbies can make your life more balanced and fulfilling. They help you expand your horizons, acquire new skills, and build up self-esteem – all while having fun doing something you genuinely love; 
  • Soul and body: while some hobbies help you unwind and recharge, others, like working out, keep you active for your own good;
  • Social: hobbies bring like-minded people together and help strengthen the relationships you already have;
  • Creativity: hobbies make for a great outlet even for those who haven’t yet tapped into their creative selves;
  • Career: something you do for joy may potentially become your source of income.

Hobbies to try out

Feel like a kid again 

While coloring might sound like a childish thing to do, it can actually be a great self-help tool. Not only does it fuel your creativity and hone your motor and concentration skills but it also puts you in a better mood, eases your anxiety, and helps you be present, according to the researchers from the University of the West of England. Even the renowned Carl Jung promoted coloring as a self-exploration and therapy technique back in the 1900s.

Try it if: you want to embrace your inner artist.

Put on your chef’s hat

Credit: Yonko Kilasi (@yonkokilasi) on Unsplash.com

Credit: Yonko Kilasi (@yonkokilasi) on Unsplash.com

Cooking or baking does not necessarily have to be a daunting chore: it can be an act of altruism, self-care, and even a shared activity for you and your partner, friends, or family members. It is something you can do to become more conscious about what you eat. As nice bonuses, you will get a free therapy session and a boost to your creativity and happiness – to name a couple.

Try it if: you have a passion for food and want to make something with your hands.

Let your sneakers do their job

“You should exercise more!” says everyone, even your fitness tracker, and you know it, too. But why? Apparently, even a brief bout of activity (20 minutes long) per day may do you good, the WHO 2020 guidelines say. Regular exercise brings a multitude of both physical and mental benefits: it helps control weight, provide healthy sleep, improve your energy, and prevent numerous health problems, including heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, which are among the top killers in the world – and so on. 

Try it if: you are low on energy and glued to your computer screen.

Grow your garden

Credit: Christine (@studio_cj on Unsplash.com

Credit: Christine (@studio_cj on Unsplash.com

Besides providing you the chance to boast a gorgeous plant-filled home, gardening can aid you in many ways: from enhancing your well-being and relieving stress to increasing your serotonin levels and adding physical activities into your daily life, as well as beating that vitamin D deficiency, if you do decide to get more than just a succulent. 

Try it if: you want to take care of others.

Pour your heart out on paper 

Journaling is an easy way to unleash your creativity, reflect on yourself and your path in life, or simply declutter your mind. In all its shapes and sizes, it is extremely efficient when it comes to soothing nerves, managing unwelcome thoughts and feelings, improving your memory, honing your problem-solving skills, and healing your wounds – even your immune system will thank you. Here are a few journaling techniques to help you get started.

Try it if: you want to cope with your emotions and feelings in a healthy way, get to know yourself better, and change your mindset.

How to find time for hobbies

  • Schedule your hobby into your day/week just like you do with your classes, meetings, or anything else;
  • Make the most of the time on your hands: read a book when you’re in the metro, journal before going to sleep, do a few push-ups during breaks from work, and so on;
  • Find a hobby that you can do with your partner, friends, or family members;
  • Drop your perfectionism – something is always better than nothing at all. 

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