Focus on self-care. By this, we don’t mean taking a bubble bath, doing your hair, or buying a pair of new shoes or whatever other fake self-care tips we’re all so fed up with. Self-care is actually about taking care of yourself, and this doesn’t come easily to many people. There are lots of ways and techniques to practice it, but the most basic advice is to just slow down and take some time to listen to what your body needs, whether that be more water, a brisk walk, a hearty salad for lunch, a catch-up with friends or an early night in.

Sleep well. Good-quality sleep is instrumental for your overall health. Matthew Walker, a sleep expert from the Center for Human Sleep Science at the University of California, says that if there was one thing he would tell people, it would be “to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, no matter what”. How to achieve it? Create a relaxing evening routine, invest in a good pillow (rumors have it that anatomically shaped pillows are the best), light a candle, limit screen time before bed, read a book or make a DIY pillow spray to keep things interesting.

Walk in nature. Fresh air and sunshine are great for you. Being outside can increase your concentration, boost creativity, and help you cope with stress, so whenever you have a chance, take a 20-minute stroll through a park after work or opt for a walk instead of riding the bus.

Eat a healthy whole foods diet. There’s a lot written on this topic, so we’ll just remind you that eating well doesn’t have to be complicated, super expensive or time-consuming. It’s not about counting calories or removing certain foods from your diet, but about choosing what’s good for you and making food enjoyable. To help you get started, read this beginner’s guide to healthy eating with British food blogger Ella Mills, better known as Deliciously Ella, or listen to Ella’s amazing podcast with nutritionist and intuitive eating expert Pandora Paloma about how to make peace with your plate.

Practice mindfulness. The only way to become happy is to be present, that is to stay mindful of what’s around you and savor each moment, even the boring ones. If you don’t know where to start, listen to this podcast with meditation teacher Gelong Thubten or try these simple meditation breathing exercises with lifestyle blogger and nutritional coach Madeleine Shaw to get inspired!

Written by Anastasia Krasilnikova and Anastasiia Labunskaia