To put it simply, let’s divide all the city’s second-hand shops into three categories: 


Those are supermarket-size chain stores scattered all over St. Pete and even other cities in Russia. They are stuffed with various clothes, footwear, and accessories, and are typically crowded with eager customers. Such shops set their own pricing policy: while in some you pay what the price tag says, others will charge you based on the total weight of the items bought. During the week, there are generous discounts of up to 90% – the closer the new stock is, the higher the discount you get.

  • Pros: it’s the cheapest option. Having found some branded goods, you’ll get them for peanuts.

  • Cons: out of all of the stuff on sale, the shabby items prevail. If you don’t have an eagle eye or angelic patience, there’s a risk of wasting hours maneuvering through the crowds of other fashionmongers.

  • Head to: Vo!Va!, MegaHand, Planeta Second Hand, TOLKOVO.


Shops belonging to this segment are a rare find: they are smaller and neater than the first option, but the price – as well as the possibility of coming across something worthy – is higher. However, it is not so high as to cross the “affordable” line! One of the examples is Spasibo, a chain of charity shops that sell clothes donated by citizens (you can join them by disposing of your old garments in special containers). Later, the proceeds go to charity funds. Besides second-hand goods, they sell products by local brands to support smaller businesses.

  • Pros: you can use your student ID to get a 10% discount.

  • Cons: not as cheap as the previous category.

  • Head to: Spasibo, Lepta.


Exploring the shelves of these tiny second-hand stores you’ll definitely find something to your liking. Instead of piles of random clothes, there is only hand-picked vintage and branded stuff, crying to be added to your outfit even if you don’t plan to. Sure, you might spend more, but it's validated by a more relaxed and pleasant shopping experience. 

Credit: Hugo Clément (@hugo_cmt) via Unsplash

Credit: Hugo Clément (@hugo_cmt) via Unsplash

Thrifting online

And, of course, you can buy second-hand clothes online. In Russia, this trend is developed by VK communities run by a shop or an admin who moderates ads from different people. Choose what you like, DM the community, pay for the order, and get your freshly-bought old stuff shipped. Here are some such shops:

If you feel like exchanging your stuff with others, drop by a swap party. They are held by various organizations, for example, ITMO Green or Ogurtsi cafe. And you can always organize one with your friends! There’s also a Telegram chat where you can swap clothes, books, utensils, and household appliances.

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