Last summer, we reported on a new industrial research center that ITMO established in collaboration with the Russian oil industry giant Gazprom Neft. Almost a year on, ITMO.NEWS returned to see the results of the collaboration in practice: here, experienced researchers and current students work together on unusual materials, robotic systems, and industrial algorithms.

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Several years into its status as a hot topic in tech, the blockchain continues to demonstrate plenty of untapped potential for not just business and finance, but also unexpected fields like, for example, education or heavy industry.

A recent meetup at ITMO focused on the intriguing ways in which this technology can inject some much-needed transparency, security, and convenience into everything from voting to oil drilling.

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NFT meetup at ITMO. Photo by Dmitry Grigoryev / ITMO.NEWS

NFT meetup at ITMO. Photo by Dmitry Grigoryev / ITMO.NEWS

AI is coming for everyone’s jobs – or so we’re told more and more often. And yet, others respond, it cannot ever replicate the creative human mind. Last week, our editorial team put both claims to the test: can the algorithm fool us into seeming more human than an actual human? The results were surprising even to ourselves.

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Today, humanity is producing data at an unprecedented rate. To meet the demand for advanced digital storage methods, scientists are working on technologies such as racetrack memory – a swift, resilient, and reliable type of flash memory. Among those working on the frontier of computing is Kseniya Chichay, a physicist and ITMO Fellow, who recently sat down with ITMO.NEWS to discuss her work.

What is spintronics? What novel contraptions are scientists at ITMO creating today? And how might their work push technology forward? We dove deep into science to find out.

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