What inspired you to invent the “Pyrobox”?

When the world was shocked by Edward Snowden affair we started thinking about cybersecurity. Our device has VPN technology, which blocks inbound and outbound traffics in order to prevent information from capturing. For example, if you want to book airline tickets using Wi-Fi in a cafe you have to be careful because a hacker sitting nearby you can capture your login or key word of a mail or an online banking. The “Pyrobox” saves your private information. This device is portable so one can use it everywhere. Just push a button and save your data. Furthermore it will save you from pop-up advertisement, virus and phishing attacks. Thanks to its battery the period of its continual work is about several days. The device also has a built-in 3G/4G hotspot and a PowerBank system, which serves as a charging unit.


You have developed a prototype. When you are going to improve it?

In two months we will present a so-called “production ready prototype”. We are also going to use one of the largest crowdfunding platform “Kiсkstarter” in order to attract money.


Are you going to make your device smaller and add some functions?

It depends on needs of our customer. Now we interact with them and try to understand what should be improved first of all.


Do you think that “Pyrobox” will be popular with those people who are too lazy to adjust VPN system in their phones?

According to our survey even the majority of IT specialists (about 80%) don`t want to save their personal computers. However all respondents said that they would be happy to have a device driven by one button.


How long did you develop your project?

We started developing it together with the “Future Technologies” right after this idea occurred us. I had no necessary knowledge as marketing strategies and coaching methods. The “Future Technologies” helped me to know a lot of useful information and find fruitful contacts.


Are you going to attract investors and patent your project?

We want to give our clients an opportunity to test our system and improve it. Then we are going to test   “Pyrobox” using a “HackerOne” platform. Thanks to a grant, which ITMO University gave us, we develop our project.


What will you do if the “Kickstarter” don`t help to find money?

In this case we will try to attract business angels in order to retail our product and invest in the development.


Polina Poleschuk 

News portal editorial office