According to Mr. Cherny, nowadays computational creativity becomes very popular. Unlike computer-aided learning, which is used for business purposes,   computational creativity helps people with developing art objects. Furthermore this technology was made to serve as a tool, which assists musicians as opposed to create instead of a human being.

Evgeny Cherny is a PhD student at Department of Software Engineering and Computer Systems. The researcher works on sound design project using computational creativity principle.  While creating and editing music tracks musicians and sound engineers usually use sample libraries that are far from being perfect. The specialists face problems connected with metadata. Usually key words used for sound description are not correct. They don`t clarify all peculiarities of sounds. Moreover, search results don`t comply with request, searching process takes much time – all these problems hamper creative processes.  Metadata is a text that a user writes to find a sound. One more problem is that different libraries use various “terms” for sound description. For instance, armor – armour – chainmail.

“My project is an ontological system, which describes terms and concepts used in sound design. I make these terms more structured by adding links. The main goal is to develop semantic networks that simplify search process. For example, a user looks for a car sound. Ontological system “understands” that he needs a sound of slamming door. We can help to narrow a search,” noted the expert.

According to Evgeny Cherny, new system works like Google Knowlege Graph – apart from required information it offers additional data that can be useful for users.

“Having developed ontological system I plan to add computational creativity elements. To find a sound designer has to write a description or choose required settings in a “constructor.” Then the system offers basic sketches that one can modify. It makes music making process automatic. While working I face tons of interesting tasks connected with sound recognition and synthesis. International Research Center “Information Science and Semantic Technologies” welcomes all Bachelor and Master`s students who want to research this field,” noted the expert.

Currently Evgeny Cherny studies at Åbo Akademi University as part of the double degree postgraduate program offered by ITMO University. Previously Mr. Cherny talked about how to receive a scholarship to continue one`s studying abroad. 

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