Under the guidance of the researcher the specialists of the department research applications of fiber optical detectors. For instance, one of their projects resulted in optical fiber gyroscopes. The researchers develop these systems in cooperation with the Concern CSRI Elektropribor. According to professor Meshkovsky, this is a very complicated system consisting of two kilometers of a special optic fiber, which saves polarization.

Another project headed by the professor is related to acusto-optic systems' application to mineral exploration activities. It works like this: one attaches long parts of optic fiber (their length is from 8 to 15 kilometers) to a ship. When the ship moves these optical fiber parts receive specific signals that go through the sea and reflect from various minerals. A system reads the signals and detects a location of seafloor minerals. "We develop not only optical systems, but the whole technology including detection and electronic elements," commented on Mr. Meshkovsky.

The researchers of the Department of Optical Networks and Measuring Systems also received a grant support for analyzing mechanical stress of spacecraft’s composite materials. They used a method based on fibers with implanted Bragg gratings. To record the gratings in fibers remotely, St. Petersburg researchers developed a unique lab center.

The scientist added that further development in the field of photonics and fiber optics will ensure commercialization of scientific research, since the launch of mass production is a necessary step in order to reach a new level.

"What is MIT? It’s the university itself and also about 5,000 companies around it. Some of these companies are quite small, with for example an associate professor and five students who create some kind of product," explained Igor Meshkovsky.

The staff from the Department of Optical Networks and Measuring Systems strive to build close relationships with corporate representatives for the development of Russia’s industry. By following optimistic plans and following them will build up the level of R & D and technology at ITMO University.

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