1. Chemistry rules the world! Everything, all processes are chemistry. Love is chemistry, our behavior and mental abilities are also chemistry.

2. Everybody knows about graphene. This is carbon — only one chemical element. The atoms are connected through rigid covalent bonds. Boring. Inorganic chemistry is much more versatile, more innovative and more interesting! We can combine rigid frameworks with flexible nodes to achieve new smart materials with specific functions!

3. I do love molecules and their interactions. They form their own universe. This field underlies a wide range of practical applications- from natural gas utilization to drug making.

4. Talent and intelligence is not enough to become a celebrity or a top model. Science, including chemistry, can turn people into the true stars using these particular qualities. You can shine when giving talks at conferences and inspire young people by giving lectures making you a true star and role-model. Science gives everyone what they need — nerds can hide themselves in the darkness of the lab and extraverts can enjoy their stage performance and attention from the community.

5. Science is a global phenomenon that should not be restricted by geographical boarders. International mobility and collaboration is key to the progress of science. Isolation is devastating for the scientific community and success of the individual nations.

6. Twitting is not a researcher’s job. My work cannot be explained adequately in a single sentence. I need to see the data that will speak for itself.

7. Today science is a second-place player. People want funny videos with cats. Entertainment and nothing else. I think someone has to inform and educate. One should learn that genetically modified food doesn’t kill and that homeopathy is useless.

8. Researchers travel a lot because it is very hard to discuss scientific issues via e-mail. We have to gather, sit and discuss details together, think over the problem to find a solution.

9. A researcher is a broad-minded person as opposed to a nerd who knows only his field and nothing else. I am interested in both science and arts. All talented researchers are good in literature and philosophy. Don’t limit yourself!

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