Big Data Solutions

A young company (Big Data Solutions was launched in St. Petersburg in September of 2016) and the official partner of OneMarketData LLC ( OneMarketData LLC’s main product is OneTick - a specialized time series database optimized for collecting, storing and analyzing tick data. OneTick is a product developed mostly for the financial market, yet it can be adjusted to work with any time series data. The company's office in St. Petersburg focuses on developing new solutions based on OneTick.

Big Data Solution offers positions for software engineers; the company is looking for programmers who can apply mathematical algorithms: search, sorting, etc. The candidates will have to work with Big Data derived from stock markets in real-time mode. Effective use of algorithms is most important, as even a small improvement in a single process gives an advantage, as there's a great amount of data to work with. During the Future Careers event, the company's representatives showed a sample task - the students were to solve quite a simple problem in a most effective way. The company is ready to hire senior students; one can check its offers here.

Works Applications

At the job fair, this Japanese company that focuses on developing corporate applications invited the students to their workshops that will take place on September 29 and 30, where their representatives will test potential employees. The company offers a range of positions (software R&D engineer, AI engineer, Business process UX design engineer), but getting the job implies moving to Tokyo or Singapore. Still, the company is ready to secure positions for the successful candidates, and wait until they graduate.

Digital Design

For more than 20 years, the company has been working in the field of business processes automation: introducing mobile solutions, electronic data exchange systems, corporate websites, software development. Digital Design mostly works with large structures (including governmental ones); for students, it offers internships and programs at its IT-university. IT-university is a great opportunity for first- and second-year students: in the course of two months, the company's leading developers give lectures and home assignments; participation is free. Upon completing the course, participants can be offered internships.

One can read more about the positions offered by Digital Design here.


BIOCAD is an international full-service biotechnology company. According to its representatives, it seeks to employ a wide variety of specialists, as they are actively following the Industry 4.0 concept. As of now, it has open positions in IT, as well. The company also offers spring and summer internships. To apply for one, you'd have to register on its official web portal. Internships are available for chemists, biologists, and specialists in the field of computational biology and bioinformatics.


The renowned company invites students to participate in the STAR internship program that will be launched in February of 2018. The Supply Chain internship implies a salaried placement for the term of a year and a half.

"You can expect further employment; after you successfully complete the internship, you are offered a position. The internship is quite demanding. I had a full schedule almost every day, but it was a great combination of theory and practice. Everything is split into modules. The first one was beer production, where I studied theory, and then worked with other staff members - operator and technician. Another great advantage of the program is the way the communication between mentor and intern is organized" shares Artur Faizulin who recently took part in the program.

Afanasy holding

Another representative of the food industry; at ITMO.Future Careers, the holding's representatives spoke about job openings at their company and even treated the students to their production: meat, sausages, dairy products, and fish.

This year, the holding will celebrate its 41st birthday; being famous for being a major beer manufacturer, the company is currently developing in other food production fields, as well. As of now, it employs about 1500 different professionals and offers internships with further employment in 60 specialties. As working for the company implies moving to Tver, the company is ready to provide accommodations.

One can the holding’s job offers here.

Philip Morris International

The famous tobacco company was represented by its enterprise in the Leningrad region. At Future Careers, the company invited the students to its INKOMPAS internship program which is comprised of two stages and is aimed at seniors (completing the internship coincides with graduation, and the students are offered a position at the company). A recent graduate of the program shared about his project that had to do with using AR in maintenance: the technician receives instructions on how to repair equipment via the headset. One can read about the INKOMPASS internships in detail here


The international company that owns the Gillette plant in St. Petersburg offers both internships and job placements. According to the plant's technical director, they are looking for technical specialists (process engineers, mechanical engineers, etc.), IT specialists and specialists in the fields of logistics and personnel management. At the job fair, P&G's representatives explained their candidate selection process: first, an applicant has to register on, then complete a test, after which they may be invited to an online interview. Internships can be relevant for students starting with their third year at the university; positions are for seniors only but offer a flexible schedule.  One can see the job offers here.


The company offered the students an opportunity to try themselves at solving computer security issues; the company’s representatives launched certain applications and the students had to use any means to close them. The students could check with Google, write scripts, or anything else, yet the task was to be solved in 15 minutes. This way, the company's representatives could see how their potential employees prefer to look for decisions to a problem. Dr.WEB often employs senior students; currently, they are looking for a software test engineer for Windows.

You can get full information on different internships and job offers for ITMO students on the University Career Center's website and the official group in VK.