Dr. Paige Jarreau: Science communicator

Paige Jarreau is a scientist, researcher, science communicator and blogger. In 2011, during her doctoral studies in the field of biomedical engineering, Paige understood that she likes speaking about research as much as doing it. So, she created a personal blog, and then transferred to a doctoral program in mass communications. Now, Paige is a science communicator at the College of Science at Louisiana State University (USA) who does interdisciplinary research in science communication, journalism and new media. She writes for such science portals as From The Lab Bench, Nature Magazine, and EMBO Reports, and has blogs on Altmetric, The Pursuit and Scientific American blog network. You can find links to her articles, research and recommendations on her Twitter, among lots of other interesting information that ranges from cooking recipes to insights into the important issues of science communication.

Elizaveta Dubrovnik: Science communicator

In Russia, blogging and science communication are not yet closely connected as much as in the West; still, certain members of the scientific community actively use social networks for popularizing science. Elizaveta Dubrovnik is a graduate of Russia’s first Master’s program in science communication that is conducted at ITMO University who has a blog in Instagram where she speaks about medical communication and gives advice on such issues as avoiding PR traps, communicating with representatives of the medical community, the regional features of medical communications and such.

Egor Zadereev: Biophysicist

Instagram is among the world’s most popular social networks, yet it still has to gain the same popularity with the scientific community as Twitter has, as it mostly focuses on visual content. Nevertheless, some scientists learned to use it for communicating particular facts and giving a sneak peek into their research. One of them is Egor Zadereev, a scientist from Krasnoyarsk who posts his photos, many of which won such contests as Wildlife photographer of the year, BBC’s Underwater Photographer, and others. On his account, you can also find photos of the world’s best photographers in different fields of science, be it astronomy, ecology or medicine. Apart from that, there are examples of interaction between art and science, different scientific exhibits, and the author’s selfies taken at different popular science events.

Sean Graesser: Lover of birds

Tropical researcher and photographer Sean Graesser has blogs on several platforms (including Instagram and Twitter) where he tells about different kinds of birds. For every image, he posts interesting facts about the species in question: its behavior and what makes it different from the closest relatives. Even if you are not a fan of birdwatching, this blog will definitely mesmerise you with its colorful photographs of birds you never even knew about.

Aleksandr Panchin: Biologist

Aleksandr Panchin, a Russian biologist, journalist and science writer uses his blog to analyze popular misconceptions. For one, he busts myths about biotechnology and genetic manipulation. His blog contains both texts and videos, as well as announcements of upcoming science events, lectures, reviews on books and so on.