Got an idea that takes a 3D printer to work? Or got an idea but don’t know how to make it work? The FabLab at ITMO’s Technopark is not only an actual lab with lots of hi-tech equipment, but also a gathering place for young inventors, entrepreneurs and scientists who turn scribbles on a napkin into prototypes worth venture capital. It also regularly hosts lectures and workshops by experts in a variety of fields related to hi-tech equipment, programming, digital manufacturing and prototyping.

ITMO Museum of Optics

ITMO Museum of Optics Optics is one of the main areas of specialization for our university, and has been for some time. Our Museum of Optics is all about the magic of light, from holograms to optoclones to optical illusions. The best part is that many exhibits are interactive, so you can be part of the action. The Museum is currently hosting the exhibition “Light Alive”, which will run till December.


ITMO.Place Everyone needs time to unwind or study in peace, which is why we have several areas called ITMO.Place (Kronversky 49, room 159A, Student Union on Lomonosova 9, room 1217, Student Campus on Vyazemsky 49, room 216). Hook up to free Wi-Fi and lounge on a bean bag, challenge friends to a game of table tennis, or go old-school with a book. You don’t have to deal with your roommates in a noisy dorm - just come to ITMO.Place to study. Some also have co-working spaces with a projector and a group setting that you can book to work together on a project or presentation.

Kronbars Sport Club

Kronbars Sports Club Student Sports Club “Kronbars” offers over 20 sports teams, ranging from basketball and soccer to table tennis and cheerleading. It also offers access to individual sports such as yoga and swimming at various facilities around town. Start from the beginner level or keep your sport career going and win new medals for ITMO University, or just come to wacht for the fun of it.


Yagodnoe Eco Camp Need to get out of town? ITMO.Travel club organizes excursions to North-West Region of Russia, Baltic States and Northern Europe for special prices (for ITMO Family members only). It’s run by the Student Union that also will help you spend a relaxing weekend in Yagodnoe, the university’s camp in pine woods by a beautiful lake. It also hosts various ecological events and workshops. Berries (in summer and autumn), fresh air, good company and fun included.

Student Scientific Society

Already picturing your career in science? How about joining Student Scientific Society - a volunteer student government organization that represents students in university’s research and innovation activities and facilitates student interaction with various departments. It also holds a variety of scientific events, and it looks good on the resume.

Academic Writing Lab

 Your scientific career will only take off if you’re good at writing about what you do - preferably in English. So we launched the Academic Writing Lab (AWL), which supports and coaches anyone at the university dealing with the challenges of academic writing. They can walk you through your specific project, or you can hone your skills at their workshop or a more in-depth course. Let the world know about your exciting ideas!

English for All

If you feel like your English skills need a little boost, or you need to practice for a standardized test, the Foreign Language Training Center has you covered with all sorts of classes. You can also learn how to write a motivational letter, how to work with large volumes of scientific text, or prep for an interview. Best of all, you get to do all this with native English speakers.

International Educational Programs

ITMO University partners with many universities around the world and offers joint and other types of programs with them. You could study light design in Denmark or business information systems in Germany or extreme computing in the Netherlands, just to name a few. We’re also constantly adding new programs and partners to make sure you can learn from the best in your field - no matter where in the world. Stop by the International Educational Programs Department to see what might be the best choice for you.

School Spirit

ITMO.Store Stock up on school gear at ITMO.Store on Lomonosova, 9 (may we recommend a navy sweatshirt that will be perfect for cooler months?) and get all set to ride your bike or scooter at the biannual Bike with the Rector event that’s coming up in September.

Welcome to ITMO Family!