The main goal of the event is creating a community of researchers who can generate new ideas and come together for joint projects, said Andrew Rybkin, head of ITMO’s International laboratory “Modern Communication Technologies and their Applications for Economics and Finance” and one of the event’s organizers.

“Our conference is a tool for creating synergies on different levels,” said Rybkin. “On an international level, we have a long-standing partnership with University of California, Berkeley, Brunel University in London, as well as in London’s financial sector. On the city level we collaborate with the St. Petersburg branch of Stelkov Mathematics Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, with which we have a Master’s degree program. Quantum informatics research here is particularly in demand. We’re also following the progress of Artur Gleim in the development of the Quantum Consortium, where ITMO University is one of the founding members. “

Dmitri Khan, analyst for ITMO University’s Center for Research Foresight , presented a study that supports a heightened attention of foreign companies to quantum technologies and also noted that the market is open to new players. Russia could still have strong positions there. To boost the development of quantum technologies in the country, a Quantum Consortium that unites Skoltech, ITMO University, Institute of Chemical Physics, Kurchatov Institute and others was formed in early December 2015 at Vuzpromexpo Forum.

“Quantum Informatics and its Applications” Conference will also take place in 2016.