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  • Information & Cyber Security Track at I Am a Professional: Why You Need It and How to Prepare

    In a few days, online registration for the contest I Am a Professional will close for this year’s participants. All winners of the contest will have the chance to enter some of the country’s best universities without exams and gain access to the contest’s career center, while those who make it to the top and become the contest’s medalists will also enjoy prize money and internships at major Russian companies. This season, ITMO is responsible for three tracks within the contest, including Information & Cyber Security. In this article, we will introduce you to this field and offer a few tips on how to best prepare for the contest. 


  • Programming and Information Technologies Track at I Am a Professional: Why You Need It and How to Prepare

    The I Am a Professional contest, which continues to accept applications up until November 15, is an excellent chance for students to test their skills and competencies, win money prizes, receive internship offers, and, most importantly, get into one of the best universities in Russia without any entrance exams. This year, ITMO is organizing three tracks of the competition, one of which is Programming and Information Technologies. In this article, Alexander Mayatin, the track’s curator and an associate professor at the Information Technologies and Programming Faculty, speaks about why students should join the contest and how they can prep to win.


  • Robotics Track at I Am a Professional: Why You Need It and How to Prepare

    The online registration for the sixth annual contest I Am a Professional is in full swing and this year, just like any other, this event is every student’s chance to enter the country’s best universities without entrance exams. ITMO University is responsible for three of the contest’s tracks, including Robotics, curated by Dmitrii Dobriborsci, an associate professor at the Faculty of Infocommunication Technologies. In this article, he tells us why you should take part in the contest and how you can train to ace it.


  • It’s Your Call: 100+ Young Talents Join Fifth Annual Forum at ITMO

    At this year’s annual event, experts from such top Russian companies as Sberbank, Yandex, and VK shared their insights into career-building in IT and the future of technologies with some of the country’s brightest students, participants of the I Am a Professional contest. The event was supported by Sberbank. Over the week-long forum, students attended interactive lectures, workshops, and games on programming, robotics, cybersecurity, soft skills, and other topics. Read on for the highlights of It’s Your Call!


  • ITMO to Host It’s Your Call! Educational Forum

    On September 12-16, ITMO will host the It’s Your Call! educational forum for participants of the I Am a Professional contest. At the event, supported by Sberbank, students will be able to boost their soft and hard skills, as well as attend lectures hosted by representatives of tech companies.


  • ITMO Student Zakhar Yakovlev on His Record-Breaking Contest Win

    An awards ceremony for the winners of the national student contest I Am a Professional has recently taken place in Moscow. The star of the event was Zakhar Yakovlev, a fourth-year student at ITMO’s School of Physics and Engineering, who became a runner-up in seven categories and a winner in two more, becoming the contest’s all-time record holder. ITMO.NEWS talked to Zakhar to learn more about what helped him win and what he learned from his contest experience.


  • ITMO in Top 3 of I am a Professional Contest’s Medal Count

    ITMO University placed second in the medal count of the fifth season of the national student competition I am a Professional, as was announced on May 31 after the competition’s wrap-up. The university’s students got 11 gold, 8 silver and 8 bronze awards, 27 in total. This has become the first time ITMO got into the top 3 of the participating universities.


  • I Am a Professional: Tips From Former Winner of Programming & IT Track

    The fifth season of the I am a Professional contest welcomed more than 600,000 students from all over Russia. This year’s participants have already embarked on the tasks of the qualifying round. The ongoing competition offers 72 tracks, with Programming & IT organized by ITMO being the most popular one among students in St. Petersburg. Read on to learn the success story of last year’s winner in the track.


  • I Am a Professional: Tips From Former Winners of Technological Entrepreneurship Track

    The qualifying stage of the I am a Professional contest is in full swing. Participants will be solving tasks in various tracks till the end of the month, December 26. In February, the expert board will announce the name of those who will get the chance to compete for the first prize. How can you prepare for the competition? What kinds of difficulties you may face along the way? And how to defend your project successfully? The last year’s winner and runners-up of the track share their tips and tricks in this ITMO.NEWS article.


  • I Am a Professional: Tips From Former Winners of Information & Cyber Security Track

    Previously, winners of the Robotics track of the I Am a Professional contest shared their tips for this year’s participants. In this part of the series, bronze medal winners of the Information & Cyber Security talk about their experiences at the contest and share advice.