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  • Russian-Japanese Exchange Program: Participants Share

    This is the 8th time that ITMO students have participated in the Russian-Japanese exchange program. This year, 18 students from ITMO University, Moscow State University and St. Petersburg State University took part in it; with just as many participating from Japan. Part of the time, the students lived with Japanese families, thus getting the opportunity to acquaint themselves with Japanese everyday life and culture; after spending a week traveling around the country, the students shared their experience with ITMO.NEWS.


  • ITMO University and NSU - New Collaborations for the National Technology Initiative

    ITMO and Novosibirsk State University initiated a collaboration agreement for a period of five years to enhance the development  of quantum technologies, innovative entrepreneurship and realization of the National Technology Initiative in Russia's regions.


  • ITMO Scientists Receive Alferov Foundation Award

    Sergei Makarov and Alexander Krasnuk, senior researchers at the Department of Nanophotonics and Metamaterials received the Foundation for Support of Education and Science (Alferov's Foundation) award for their research on non-linear tunable semiconductor and hybrid nanoantennas. According to the jury, their main scientific achievement was the development of a new platform for photonic devices based on dielectric nanoantennas in optical band, as well as the use of femtosecond laser technologies in creation of ultrafast optical nanodevices. In an interview with our newsportal, Sergei Makarov talked about new optical modulators and the work of the recently founded Laboratory of Hybrid Nanophotonics and Optoelectronics.


  • ITMO's Institute of Cyber Technologies for Financial Systems Signs Collaboration Agreement With Otkritie Bank

    ​As part of the new collaboration, the bank's staff members will take part in training the students who've enrolled on ITMO's two new Master's programs - Mathematical Support and Software for Global Financial Systems and Big Data in Financial Technologies, and will also provide the university’s Master's students and lecturers with the opportunity to work on real business tasks in the field of financial technologies and banking.


  • Erasmus+: How To Effectively Collaborate With European Universities

    Erasmus+ is a EU program with a budget of more than two billion dollars, which focuses on supporting both individual students and researchers as well as whole universities, research centers and technological companies. Maria Sigutina, ITMO's representative in Brussels, shared about such subjects and how one starts collaborating with European universities, prepares the necessary documents and what can help make a collaboration more effective. We also added information about the most successful and interesting projects that are already being conducted.


  • Science Without Borders: The IV International i-Customs Conference

    This year, the i-Customs International Project where students from all over the world discuss different problems of international commerce, customs policies and procedures united young researchers from 15 countries who spent several months to prepare their projects. Authors of the 18 best reports were invited to the IV International Youth Conference i-Customs at ITMO University. Participants presented different collaborative research projects where they conducted comparative studies of processes of international commerce. In an interview for ITMO.NEWS, they shared about what science and education without barriers is like, and what the present opportunities and challenges of international student collaboration are. The i-Customs International Conference was organized by ITMO's Faculty of the International Business and Law.


  • U.S. Ambassador to Russia Visits ITMO University

    On May, 17, a delegation from U.S. Embassy and Consulate General headed by John F. Tefft, U.S. ambassador to Russia, visited ITMO University.


  • ITMO’s Master’s Student Does Internship at Eindhoven University of Technology

    From January to March 2017, Elena Khramenkova,  a graduate student at ITMO and staff member of the SCAMT Laboratory did an internship at the Eindhoven Technical University.


  • Cameras On A Chip And Holographic Displays: How Dielectric Nanophotonics Changes Our Future

    Tunable flat optics which can help create ultra-thin lenses with variable focal length and even create a camera on a chip, or smartphone displays that do not show 2D images, but 3D holograms - these are not some concepts from a recent sci-fi movie, but real projects that can soon be completed thanks to development of dielectric nanophotonics. Nowadays, research on this subject is conducted in many of the world's leading universities and science centers, and in March 2017, Arseniy Kuznetsov from the A-STAR's Data Storage Institute (DSI) in Singapore got the prestigious THE IET AF Harvey Prize for research on dielectric nanoantennas and their application in development of new high-technology devices. Since 2011, ITMO University also works on research in this field in collaboration with Mr. Kuznetsov. Read about what opportunities this research offers and how sci-fi translates into reality in our article.


  • Visualization and Computation: ITMO to Collaborate with University of Oslo

    ITMO’s eScience Research Institute and University of Oslo have signed a memorandum of understanding. Andrei Karsakov, engineer of eScience Research Institute, and Anna Bilyatdinova, lecturer at the High Performance Computing Department, shared the details in an interview to ITMO.NEWS.