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  • ITMO University Wins State Support Research Grant

    The Ministry of Education and Science’s competition for grant support of National Technological Initiative (NTI) centers has ended. The selected participants will receive funding for research and educational programs in the eight interdisciplinary fields. ITMO University won the funding for research in the field of machine learning and cognitive technologies. For that, the university has recently created a consortium of 18 organizations, which includes such companies as MTS,, Speech Technology Center, Er-Telecom and others, as well as several universities and scientific centers.  The five-year program of the National Center for Cognitive Technologies intends to solve a set of scientific, educational and infrastructural tasks, which will result in overcoming the technological barriers associated with the systemic advancement of cognitive technologies in promising NSI markets.


  • ITMO University Team Wins First Place at Google Hash Code 2018

    In late April, the final stage of Google Hash Code 2018, the programming competition which brings together thousands of students and professionals from Europe, Middle East and Africa took place in Dublin. ITMO University’s student team, which included Ilya Zban, Ivan Belonogov, Mikhail Putilin and Adam Bardashevich, all medal winners of the recent years’ ACM ICPC competition, secured the first place by outperforming 39 teams from 15 countries.


  • Russia Secures ACM ICPC-2018 World Champion Title

    On April 19, Beijing hosted the final round of the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest. The World Cup will once again travel to Russia - although, this time, to Moscow. This year’s world champion is Moscow State University; the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology was also awarded a gold medal. ITMO University’s team, a record-holding seven-time world champion, won the bronze. Overall, 4 Russian teams are present among this year’s 13 winners.


  • Winners of National Competition to go to RoboCup Asia-Pacific

    The RoboCup Russia Open robotics championships was held for the third time, in Tomsk, where 118 teams from 11 regions in Russia participated. For three days, from 13 to 15 April, at the site of the national stage of world robotic championships RoboCup, various robots competed: lifeguards, football players, actors. The school team of ITMO University participated for the first time in the category Humanoid KidSize Soccer League (university level) and took first place. 


  • #ITMOCODE: Competition for Vacant Posts for Professors and Lecturers

    ITMO University has launched the latest installment of the competition for its academic staff and job seekers. This year marks the first time that the competition is held according to ITMO’s Road Map for the 5-100 Russian Academic Excellence Project and the university’s own educational standards. What makes this competition truly special is that it follows the university’s unique “code” represented by the formula V+F+PS+SS, where V stands for Values, F for Fundamental, PS for Professional Skills and SS for Soft Skills. ITMO.NEWS asked Aliya Bagautdinova, head of the Department of Academic Affairs, some questions about the competition.


  • ITMO Programmers Make It to Google HashCode Finals

    The qualifying round of Google HashCode, a team competition in engineering programming, has ended in early March. Two teams from ITMO University finished in the 2nd and 5th places, having competed with almost 5,000 teams from around the world.  On April 28 the teams will compete in HashCode finals in Dublin.


  • Seldon the Robot Takes Second Place at RoboCup Asia-Pacific 2017

    Fiery-haired robot Seldon, our own YouTube sensation, took home a silver at the RoboCup Asia-Pacific 2017 international competition in Thailand. In the “On Stage” category he took second place among young robot developers. Other Russian teams were also successful during the competition. A team from Ekaterinburg took first place in one of the categories, and  5 teams from Tomsk Oblast were also among the winners. 


  • More than Beauty: Winners of Mister ITMO 2018 on What It Takes to Win

    Eight students from ITMO University spent nearly two months preparing for this winter’s Mister ITMO contest. In addition to spending long hours at the gym, the contestants also edited their videos, learned new dance moves and discovered new talents. In the end, the title of Mister ITMO went to Egor Marinenkov, a student of ITMO’s School of Computer Technologies and Control; Ilya Chistyakov of the Information Technologies and Programming Faculty became the “vice-mister”; and the audience’s choice award went to Konstantin Pervukhin, a third-year Faculty of Laser and Light Engineering student and a fledgling entrepreneur. The winners spoke to ITMO.NEWS and explained how they managed to prepare for the competition while studying and working, whether it is truly harder to perform on stage than to write code and why Mister ITMO is far from the usual beauty or talent contest.


  • All-Russian NTI Engineering Competition: Young Engineers’ Budding Talent

    Participants of the All-Russian NTI Engineering Contest were given a chance to take on the role of space engineers, design houses of the future and solve problems at the intersection of biology and nanotechnology and much more. The competition’s assignments were grouped into 17 different profiles. ITMO developed one of them: the "Nanosystems and nanoengineering" track. It was a joint project together with Moscow colleagues. Two main features of the competition are its project orientation and teamwork. Schoolkids from Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan competed against each other in two rounds. Contestants who showed the best results are going to the Sirius Educational Center in Sochi for finals, where they will have to solve problems that were designed in accordance with the requirements of modern high-tech industries. ITMO.NEWS have found out: what distinguishes the NTI Competition from other such contests, why it is more productive to work in a team than alone, and what prizes the winners will be getting.


  • ITMO Students Develop AI to Combat Car Insurance Fraud

    A team of students from ITMO’s Computer Technologies Department has developed an algorithm that will help identify swindlers among the clients of car insurance companies. The program is based on machine learning, and can identify whether a particular car crash was was indeed accidental. The project was developed as part of RAIF-Challenge 2017, a competition for the development of ideas for business that make use of AI and machine learning. The students were awarded with an invitation to the Russian Artificial Intelligence Forum.