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  • Dealing with Culture Shock in Russia

    Beautiful architecture but no one smiles? People shoving you on the metro? Moving abroad to study is a big step, and settling into the new culture can be both exciting and frustrating.


  • 5 Weird (and Delicious) Foods to Try in Russia

    No cultural adventure is complete without tasting the local treats. This summer, I had the privilege of indulging into some unexpected flavors – some slippery, some Christmasy and some plain scary.


  • Smoothie, Fresh or Milkshake? Blend It Like a Russian

    Summer is almost over, which makes it a perfect time to try a Russian take on some of the frothy and chilly classics.


  • Celebrate Your Birthday Like a Russian

    Will you be in Russia for your birthday? It will be a party like you've never done before!


  • Drink (Mineral) Water like a Russian

    Salty? Bubbly? From a famous spa? Staying hydrated with bottled water in Russia can be a fun trip to your Soviet childhood even if you didn’t have one.


  • Drink (Soda) Like a Russian

    Ever sipped tarragon? Or poured liquid bread? Summer is a perfect time to try refreshingly unique Russian soft drinks. 


  • Enjoy Summer Like a Russian

    Hot town, summer in the city! OK, maybe not so hot - the average temp in St. Petersburg in July is 18C - but if you’re anyway, you might as well use this opportunity to experience the warm months like a true Russian.