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  • D Notation: New Startup Offers an Innovative Mobile Music Notebook

    This summer, ITMO University’s Business Incubator hosted the eight-week program MIT Global Startup Labs by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Over the two months, 29 students and graduates from Moscow, St. Petersburg and Irkutsk, with the help of curators from MIT, assembled into teams, developed prototypes of mobile apps and presented their marketing strategy. In August, teams presented their prototypes to potential investors. One of the teams was the startup d notation – a project that is developing an application for musicians that lets them easily write down notation. Andrey Bayadzhan, the startup’s CEO, spoke to ITMO.NEWS about releasing the project and how digital devices are used in musical education today.


  • How Music Affects Our Brain

    Scientists are still trying to figure out how music affects our brain and why, just like any other art, we all experience it differently. But new discoveries in understanding the physical effect of music on the human brain are made all the time. It has been revealed that music can modify the brain structure, affect the taste of beer, and make men more attractive; it also turns out that the upbeat Beatles and the depressive Nortt are equally as good at making us feel better. In this ITMO.NEWS article, find out what scientists have learned about our relationship with music.