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  • Reviving Glass Production: GUTTE Project from the Future Technologies Accelerator

    Once key to producing many luxury items and an ardently protected trade secret (Middle Age's Venice had death penalty for attempting to steal it), glassblowing is now a skill anyone can learn. What's more, with the new invention by GUTTE project, becoming a glass manufacturer is no longer as hard it may seem! Tamara Kovaleva, the project's head, shared about how glassblowing works, and the solutions her team has invented.


  • Express Analyzer — a New Project from Future Technologies' Residents

    There are numerous techniques that miners use to get precious stones and metals; gold was once washed, silver — melted from ore. Is there a simpler way, like using some device to check where the desired minerals are? Residents of the Future Technologies accelerators that work on a new express analyzer can answer this question, so they've shared about how analyzing color can help in extraction of mineral resources and how such technologies can even be applied in food production.


  • Ready Steady Go: A New Technology for High-Speed Video Shooting

    High Speed shooting technologies are constantly moving on. However, professional cameras are enormously expensive and still have some disadvantages. Residents of ITMO’s accelerator Future Technologies are working on the new affordable MPMVision camera with a frequency of 1,700 frames per second. Alexey Nuyanzin, member of the startup team, talked about the project.


  • Neural Interfaces to Control Reality: a New Project at the Future Technologies Accelerator

    Operating devices with the power of one's mind, "seeing" one's own tastes and other's hidden wishes with a special app and a neural interface — this is something many dream of, and something that may well become reality thanks to the TuSion project by the residents of ITMO's Future Technologies accelerator. Their technology can be used in almost any kind of device and can be applied in retail, medicine, VR, Smart House systems and many other fields. Vladimir Kublashvili, one of the project's founders, shared about the promising invention and its possible applications.


  • Genome Editing Will Help Cure HIV

    As of now, there's only one person in the whole world who's been cured from HIV after an operation in 2007. This event inspired many scientists, and now they are getting closer to obtaining an effective cure for this disease. The AGCT Company — a resident of ITMO's Technopark — is about to start pre-clinical research of a new technology for curing HIV using gene therapy based on transplanting stem cells. According to Marina Popova, head of the company, genome editing that is used for this technology is a great breakthrough in science, comparable to the control of fire or space exploration.


  • A "Smart" Band Will Save People from Drowning

    Aquatic Saver, a Saint Petersburg startup — graduate of ITMO's business incubator accelerator program — has created a unique band which helps save the drowning. As of now, the device has no counterparts anywhere in the world.


  • Spend Your Leisure Time with Kickcity

    Where to go and how to find soulmates who keep you company? ITMO.NEWS has interviewed Gideon Nveze, founder and CEO of Kickcity, an interactive app for looking for events, which is appropriate for IOS users and is already tested at Android, and also has Russian and English versions.


  • ITMO’s Startup to Develop IT Innovations for Pharmaceutical Industry

    Optimal Drive Company, a resident of Technopark of ITMO University, will implement a new automation system at one of Russia’s largest pharmaceutical plants, POLYSAN. The LIMS system will assist in increasing productivity of laboratories, as well as simplify the quality control process.


  • FOYT Knows How to Make Your Digestive Organs Happy

    The pace of life in the 21st century is becoming faster and faster. We almost have no time for sleeping, staying with our family and friends and even for eating. The developers of FOYT project believe that their cocktails are a "must have" for those who are always in hurry. The startupers don’t guarantee to solve all problems of busy people, but they believe that FOYT can prevent you from serious diseases caused by an unhealthy diet.


  • A Different Approach — ITMO’s New Program on Project Management

    How to make the collaboration between managers and developers successful? Should developers promote their startups themselves? What's it like — being a manager of a technological project and helping startupers promote new products? Master's students from the Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations know the answer: for more than half a year, they've been honing their entrepreneurial skills while working on projects from the Future Technologies accelerator. In an interview with our portal, they've shared about this new innovative educational strategy.