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  • Prime Minister Medvedev Announces Start of ITMO Highpark Construction

    During the “Open Innovations” forum, on October 17, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev announced the start of construction at ITMO University’s new campus in the south of St. Petersburg – JSC "ITMO Highpark". The corresponding directive was published on the website of the Russian government. The joint-stock company "ITMO Highpark", with 100% shares owned by the state, will act as the operator of the largest scientific, educational, innovative and industrial cluster in the south of St. Petersburg.


  • Urbanist Dhiru Thadani: to Improve Cities, We Must Focus on People

    According to UN estimates, by 2050 the population of Earth will reach nine billion people. The rapid growth of urban population, climate change, depletion of fossil fuels, healthcare crises – these are just a few of the global issues that experts are trying to tackle. In the search for sustainable means of subsistence, city planning is becoming a bigger priority. But what should modern cities look like and how can ubranists prepare for the rapid changes in the environment? These are some of the issues that Dhiru Thadani, architect, urbanist and VP-Members of the International Society of City and Regional Planners, is working with. Recently, Mr. Thadani gave an open lecture at ITMO’s Institute of Design and Urban Studies. In an interview with ITMO.NEWS, Dhiru Thadani speaks about the similarities between St. Petersburg’s “grey belt” and USA’s brownfields, how new global challenges will affect the teaching process and what issues need to be prepared for even now.


  • Urban Evolution: Artists, Journalists and CEOs Discuss Future of St. Petersburg

    St. Petersburg is home to more than 200 museums; the city welcomes millions of tourists from all over the world each year. The main points of attraction for many thousands are still the Hermitage, Peterhof and other famed sights. But is the city ready for new influences and forms of modern art – and, if so, how can we preserve the balance between the rich cultural heritage and the newest trends? These and other questions were the topic of discussion at the closing session of the III International Spatial Development Forum on September 28. 


  • Relocation Tips: Perks of Student Life in St. Petersburg (Part 1)

    St. Petersburg, Russia’s “northern capital”, is renowned for its sights, culture and entertainment. QS Top Universities ranks it as the 78th best city in the world for students. To help you get the most out of your stay in St. Pete, we’ve prepared a list of the special offers and opportunities that you, as a student, can enjoy in our city. In part 1 of this article, you’ll learn about the basic and most important advantages of being a student that will help you get around the city and get to know its sights and landmarks.


  • Find Your Piece in the St. Petersburg City Day Puzzle

    Tomorrow, on May 27th, it's the City Day - our Northern Capital turns 314! Each year, St. Petersburg’s citizens and guests participate in the citywide celebration, which involves all kinds of attractions and events. In fact, there are so many of them that it can be hard to just make your choice! We’ve decided to mention some of the events we liked, so choose your piece of the St. Petersburg City Day puzzle, and prepare for an unforgettable experience.


  • Music Under the Sky and Art that Never Sleeps: Lively Weekend in St. Petersburg

    Spring is here in St. Petersburg, the sun is shining and everyone is ready for some art, culture and good times. So if you’re in St. Petersburg this weekend and are looking for the best way to spend these days, it’ll be hard not to miss the history, art and culture splurge on offer. All you need to do is simply step outside - but it never hurts to be prepared, which is why we’ve listed the top must-see events for you.


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