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  • From White Nights to Black Days: Surviving the Deep, Dark Winter in St. Petersburg

    One of the most exquisite agonies of living in St Petersburg is the sheer, precipitous speed with which winter closes its jaws on the city. It's really not so long ago that the evening skies — though not quite burning with the boundless intensity of White Nights — were still serviceably bright while the majestic bridges continued to yawn into the luminous twilight with admirable tenacity and enthusiasm.


  • 10 Things We Are Proud of in 2016

    Awards, medals, rankings, competitions, and lots of new beginnings at ITMO University in 2016. What a fantastic year! Turning challenges into opportunities? Bring it on! Here are some of the highlights. This year, ITMO University became one of the leaders of Project 5−100, launched its very own science communication program, received a UNESCO medal, a QS-Apple award, and the title of "Rising Star" by Nature Index and much much more. Let’s see how it all played out season by season.


  • "Death and Life of Catalysts": Evgeny Pidko on Getting the ERC Grant and his Research Plans

    On December 13th, European Research Council published the list of researchers who got one of the most prestigious European grants — the ERC Consolidator Grants. Among them is Dr. Evgeny Pidko, professor at Eindhoven University of Technology (Netherlands), participant of ITMO Professorship program and member of the SCAMT International Laboratory. We've asked him to share about the grant and his current research plans and achievements.


  • 5 Things You Need to Know Now


  • Rossiya Segodnya: ITMO is Among Russia’s Top Engineering Schools

    On December 15th, the Rossiya Segodnya news agency presented the national rankings of Russia's universities with regard to the demands of Russian economy. There were 446 universities included in the study and divided into several groups by their profile. ITMO University came second among engineering schools all over Russia.


  • HackerRank Platform: ITMO has the World’s Best Programmers

    The HackerRank technological company has presented its rankings of leading universities in programming. ITMO University, the university of six-time champions of the world's biggest contest in sports programming ACM ICPC, was named best out of the top-50 universities in the world. Saint Petersburg State University, whose team won the ACM ICPC contest this year, was also included in the list, taking 6th place.


  • Aiming High: World’s Leading Experts on Modern Sports Programming

    Following the results of the regional semi-finals of ACM ICPC, the results of the All-Russian School Programming Contest in Programming came in. Schoolers from Almaty, Astana and Moscow got the gold here; participants from St. Petersburg shared the silver medals with their peers from Tbilisi, and the school kids from Ekaterinburg, Izhevsk, Kremenchuk and Vitebsk took home the bronze. At a round table dedicated to sports programming, such people as Andrei Lopatin and Andrei Stankevich, coaches for the St. Petersburg teams, Lidya Perovskaya, tutor at the Computer Technology Department, Vladimir Parfenov, Dean of the Information Technologies and Programming Faculty, and the world champions in programming discussed why kids from the CIS have been beating all records for the past 15 years.


  • Hermitage’s Head Clocksmith on his Work, Laboratory and the Importance of Restoring Technological Marvels

    Antique timepieces and clockworks are definitely great monuments to human mind and fantasy, especially those like the ones you can see at the State Hermitage Museum. Grand and miniature, shaped into the dome of heaven or a small bird, with six clock hands or a mechanical orchestra inside — each of them is unique and reflects the history of both the technological progress and the human strive for beauty. Mikhail Guriev, Hermitage's leading clocksmith and head of the Laboratory for Scientific Restoration of Timepieces and Musical Mechanisms shared on different clock's wondrous features, on their clock collection's history and on who might be interested in tours on clockworks.


  • Reaching the Finals! ITMO’s Teams Do It Again at the ACM ICPC

    Plenty of students divided into groups of 3 people sit in front of computers deeply absorbed in thoughts, trying to solve difficult tasks with rare breaks to have a rest. Here is what you may see when attending the ACM ICPC contest.


  • ITMO.START — the Academic Festival for School Students at ITMO University

    ITMO University opened its research laboratories and student workshops for school students. The children participated in science shows and learned of the opportunities the university offers. Many decided to join courses at ITMO after the festival.