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  • ITMO Launches New Specialization in Science Communication in Medicine and Biotechnology

    ITMO University’s Master’s program in Science Communication has recently launched a new track in science communication in the field of biotechnology and medicine. Students joining the program this year will be able to choose a separate track within the program, which will give them an opportunity to work with databases in medicine and healthcare, as well as learn more about the structure of medical organizations. The program’s graduates will be able to work as medical journalists and science communicators, PR specialists in major biotechnological companies, clinics, and medical organizations both in Russia and abroad.


  • ITMO VK Competition for School Students

    This year marks the third time when ITMO University together with the Russian online social media service VK organizes the ITMO VK competition for school children. The main perk of the contest is that the victory will earn you ten extra points to your total Unified State Exam score. The registration is open until March 10. In this article, we’ll tell you everything about the rules, as well as share information about last year’s winners who became or want to become ITMO University students.


  • Per Aspera Ad Astra: ITMO.STARS Contest Results

    ITMO.STARS, a contest for talented and motivated school students willing to enter ITMO University, has finally come to an end. Over the course of five weeks, the contest committee assessed projects and interviewed successful candidates. A total of 14 participants got an opportunity to study at ITMO University for free.


  • ITMO.STARS: Exclusive Way to Join ITMO University.

    Is it possible to study at ITMO University for free without having enough Unified State Exam points for enrolling in a state-sponsored position? Starting with the 2018 admission campaign, it sure is! Applicants with unique achievements and strong motivation now get a chance to get their education paid for by ITMO University -  all they have to do is submit their portfolios and motivation letters for the ITMO.STARS contest. The winners will be determined by the beginning of August.


  • Portfolio Competition Open For Master’s Students

    Want to enter ITMO University without taking entrance examinations by the middle of June? Everything is possible if you have completed your Bachelor’s degree with First Class Honours, taken part in research projects and competitions, and can explain in detail why you want to study at ITMO University. In other words, students can now apply to ITMO through the portfolio competition. To learn more about this tempting opportunity, read our interview with last year's winners!


  • Admission Campaign 2017: The Results

    ​ITMO's admission campaign of 2017 is almost over; the lists of accepted students for the first year of Bachelor's and Master's programs have already been published. Read more about ITMO's growing popularity amongst high school graduates, this year's relevant programs, the growing requirements on the Unified State Exam scores and the admission of international students in an article by ITMO.NEWS.


  • ITMO Admissions Campaign 2017: Current Results

    The admissions campaign at ITMO University is nearing its end. The application period for Bachelor’s degree programs has ended, while distance learning and Master’s programs are still accepting applications. The first admissions will be announced on July 29 for students exempt from entrance exams. Read on to find out about the current results of the campaign, the new trends and the most unusual cases.


  • PhD Programs at ITMO University: Admission Campaign-2017

    ITMO University's 2017 admission campaign for PhD students has already started; this year, the university accepts PhD students to 20 different programs. In an interview with ITMO.NEWS, Maria Skvortsova, head of the Office of International Postgraduate and Doctoral Studies, shared about ITMO's PhD programs and their peculiarities, admission rules, and the opportunities presented to young researchers who aspire to continue their scientific careers at ITMO University.


  • Admission Campaign 2017: Things You Need To Know

    ​On June 20 the admission campaign begins at ITMO University. During an interview for our newsportal, Anna Veklich, vice-head of the admission committee and head of the Strategic Communications Department, explained what the applicants should expect during their application process and how to choose the right program at one of ITMO's five Schools.


  • A Successful Start: ITMO's Schools, Academies and Centers for Schoolers

    At ITMO University, you can train for math and physics exams without a tutor, start learning programming languages, find out more about nanotechnologies, build your first robot and, what's most important, decide on your future profession - and all of that while you're still in school! During the recent ITMO.START festival, children and their parents could learn about such things as training for the entrance exams or one's first steps in serious science. Read more about ITMO's schools, academies and centers that aim to help school students decide on their future professions.