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  • ITMO University Creates First Virtual Museum of Russian Architecture

    Specialists from ITMO’s Department of Engineering and Computer Graphics and the Design and Multimedia Center will create a 3D reconstructed version of the Feodorovsky Settlement in Tsarskoe Selo. The ensemble was constructed in 1917 on orders of the last Russian Emperor, Nicholas II and was intended to serve as a “live” museum of the Russian architectural style. The interiors, however, were lost during World War II. Now, thanks to virtual technology, they will be recreated and made available to all. The project is carried out in collaboration with the Roerich Family Museum-Institute, Russian Academy of Arts’ restoration workshop and I.P. Shmelev’s architecture workshop.


  • What It Means to Be an Architect in 21st Century

    The concept of public spaces is still somewhat underdeveloped in Russia, but it is already hard to imagine cities where projects such as the New Holland island renovation in St. Petersburg or the Wi-Fi enabled playgrounds in Kemerovo aren’t being implemented. Good public spaces are ones that the people love and keep coming back to. Urban studies are a new thing to Russia, but architects and planners are already adapting to new standards. Architect Daria Paramonova gave a talk as part of the Strelka Institute Week in St. Petersburg. Among the topics of discussion were: the role of architects in large-scale urban renovations and the intricacies of project planning – from historical research and pedestrian and transit route analysis to in-depth interviews with locals.


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