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  • ITMO Staff Visit Harbin Institute of Technology with Lecture Series

    Lyudmila Nadtochiy, Vera Ivanova and Oksana Golovinskaya, lecturers from ITMO University’s Faculty of Food Biotechnologies and Engineering, participated in a project dedicated to the development of academic cooperation in the field of food biotechnology between Russia and China. Over the course of a month, they visited several Chinese cities and presented lectures to PhD students of the Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT). In this interview with ITMO.NEWS, they share their impressions of the program.


  • BIOCAD VP Roman Ivanov: “Biotechnologies are the Cornerstone of Medicine of Tomorrow”

    Roman Ivanov, the Vice President of BIOCAD, had once returned to Russia from the Netherlands and has spent ten years in charge of R&D and international relations for the top company on the Russian biotechnology market. During an open lecture at ITMO University’s Biochemistry Cluster, he discussed Russian science, prospects of world-class R&D at the nation’s companies and what students need to know about starting a career in hi-tech. Below are excerpts from his lecture:


  • ITMO Researchers Participating in Targeted Drug Delivery Research

    Targeted delivery of medicine and genetic material to cells and tissue can be solved using micro- and nanoparticles of various types. Research in this field tends to be interdisciplinary and calls for collaboration between biologists, chemists and physicists. Mikhail Zyuzin, a postdoctoral researcher at ITMO University’s Faculty of Physics and Engineering, is working with colleagues from Russia and abroad to develop new methods of targeted drug delivery. He spoke with ITMO.NEWS about his research and working with other scientists.


  • Edible Coating Makes Food Last Longer, Reduces Waste

    ITMO University is developing polymer coatings for food products that nearly double their shelf-life. Such coatings can be easily rinsed off with water, and are also edible. Alexander Podshivalov, their developer and engineer for ITMO’s Department of IT in the Fuel and Energy Industry explains more about his product that has recently gotten the gold medal in the innovative biotechnology solutions contest at the Bioindustry international exhibition.


  • “Edible Science” Course: How to Cook a Modernist Dish and Learn About All Colors of Potato

    The first series of interactive lectures “Edible Science” has ended at ITMO University. It was launched this February at the School of Biotechnology and Cryogenic Systems by the International Research Centre “Biotechnologies of the Third Millennium”. For 2.5 months, the course’s participants, under the guidance of chef and head of Umami project Ilya Litvyak, learned to approach food preparation in a scientific manner. At the final meeting the participants received certificates of completion and spoke to us about the lectures and what they learned at the laboratory.


  • Delicacy for Sportsmen- How to Eat Ice-Cream and Build Muscle

    Sport nutrition has never been so tasty — specialists of ITMO’s Department of Applied Biotechnology created a sugarless ice-cream with increased concentration of protein which helps build muscle.


  • ITMO Opens its Chemistry and Biotechnology Research and Educational Center

    ITMO University continues to develop new competencies; recently, it opened a new research center for chemistry and biotechnology. Students will now be able to use the center's laboratories to conduct practice-oriented research, as well as work on orders from different industrial partners. Having enlisted world-class scientists and fixed with modern equipment, the center is to become the university's new calling card.