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  • How to get a grant for studying in USA or France? Master students from ITMO share their experiences

    Four master students from the Department of IT in the Fuel and Energy Industry of ITMO University are going to spend the next academic year abroad. Evgeniy Oskolkov, Georgiy Bogdanov and Sergey Rigin won a grant for studies in the New Mexico Highlands University in the USA and Anastasia Strusevitch achieved a grant for one year studies in Ecole Normale Superieure de Cachan (ENS de Cachan) in France. In September it will be the time for departure to the partner universities. At the end of their studies, these students will be able to get two diplomas, both the Russian and foreign ones.


  • ITMO International Days: International Collaboration as One of the Main Trends

    For three years already, ITMO has been conducting the International Days in St. Petersburg, during which representatives from foreign universities get to learn about ITMO’s unique infrastructure, as well as present their own establishments. Students, researchers and lecturers from all over the world participate in round tables, get tours of ITMO University, and collaborate on developing new educational programs.


  • Chemoinformatics in ITMO: From Individual Projects to A University of Strasbourg Diploma

    Last year ITMO University launched a new Master's Degree program - Chemoinformatics and Molecular Modeling. There are few such programs in Russia - those that train specialists who will work in modern pharmacology and deal with such things as computer-aided drug design, predicting of compounds' properties and working with new materials on a molecular level. ITMO conducts its program in collaboration with the University of Strasbourg, and its best graduates can continue their education in France and get a University of Strasbourg diploma as well as ITMO's one. Yuri Prozorov, Head of the International Laboratory of Structural Bioinformatics, shared about the new program and why intelligent analysis of chemical data becomes more and more popular.


  • Experience Academic Mobility: International Students On How they Feel about Studying at ITMO

    Now in December it is the time when our international students are close to the end of their double degree programs and research internships. They came from different European countries — it is very typical in Europe to spend several semesters abroad but Russia is quite an extraordinary choice. Here are four stories by our visiting students.