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  • Science and Art Come Together at the “New Anthropology” Exposition

    Last fall, “New Anthropology”, a unique project uniting Russian artists and scientists to create technological art, was launched at Pavlov Institute of Physiology. 15 exhibits became the outcome of the project including immersive installation, media- and soundart. Read on to learn more about the idea behind it, the story of the country’s first naukograd (science city) and the significance of the exhibition. 


  • ITMO at International Agricultural Exhibition AGRORUS

    The staff of ITMO University’s International Research Institute of Bioengineering have recently been awarded the gold medal for the best development at the AGRORUS International Agricultural Exhibition and Trade Fair. They received their award for a new agricultural product which allows for increasing yields and enhancing plants’ resistance to diseases. Read on to learn more about this and other projects conducted at the Institute.


  • Historian Sergey Kuznetsov on the Stroganovs, Their Connection to ITMO, and History of Entrepreneurship in Russia

    Recently, an exhibition called “A Forgotten Russian Patron. The Collection of Count Pavel Sergeevich Stroganov” has opened at the State Hermitage Museum. It features paintings, sculptures, photographs and other exhibits collected by the scion of the dynasty. One of the most influential aristocratic families in Russia, the Stroganovs were veritable pioneers and innovators in the field of technologies and education. One of ITMO University’s campuses (that on Tchaikovsky St.) is based on the dynasty’s former ancestral home. ITMO.NEWS sat down with Sergey Kuznetsov, a historian and staff member at the Russian Museum and leading researcher of the Stroganov family, to talk about the exhibition and the university’s participation in the preservation of the dynasty’s vast collections.


  • Magic of Light Exhibition in Shanghai: The Dazzling Results

    The interactive exhibition of holographic installations Magic of Light, organized by ITMO University together with the Hellenic Institute of Holography, has recently come to an end. The exhibition was hosted on 1,000 square meters of Shanghai Science and Technology Museum and featured over 150 items, including ultra-realistic full-color holograms and optoclones from the collections of the Hermitage, the Fabergé Museum, and the Diamond Fund. In the course of four months, some 300,000 people attended the exhibition. In this article by ITMO.NEWS, the staff of ITMO’s Museum of Optics share about their experiences of organizing the exhibition.


  • Science Communicator Daria Dvorzhitskaya on How to Measure the Effectiveness of Science Pop Events

    What’s the key to measuring the effectiveness of how science-pop exhibitions are conducted? How to ensure the maximum involvement of the general public in science? These and other questions are in the focus of Daria Dvorzhitskaya, a member of ITMO’s Science Communication Center, who conducts her research on the topic using the events held by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) as the main example. Having graduated from the Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences, Daria has already accomplished several projects in Europe. ITMO.NEWS met with the researcher to learn about her future work at ITMO and how the experience she obtained at CERN can be applied in Russia.


  • 'All We Have to Do is Work Harder': Head of ITMO's Science and Technology Foresight on Bett-2019

    School-level education is becoming increasingly more interactive and appealing to children. VR, AR and other technologies help get the students more involved and offer them knowledge of different subjects. Experts discussed these and other trends at Bett-2019, a major annual trade show dedicated to the use of hi-tech in education that takes place in London. Svetlana Kochkaeva, a manager at ITMO's Center for Science and Technology Foresight, attended the event and speaks about the field's novelties and the practices that Russia has yet to employ.


  • Magic of Light: ITMO’s Interactive Exhibition in Shanghai

    An interactive exhibition of holographic installations Magic of Light, organized by ITMO University together with the Hellenic Institute of Holography, has just opened its doors for visitors. The exhibition is hosted on 1,000 square meters of Shanghai Science and Technology Museum and features over 150 items, including ultra-realistic full-color holograms, optoclones from the collection of the Hermitage, the Fabergé Museum, and the Diamond Fund.


  • St.Petersburg International Innovation Forum 2018: Digital Economy, Biometry and Education

    The 11th St.Petersburg International Innovation Forum ended last week. Its participants from Russia's different regions, universities included, demonstrated their inventions in the fields of IT, security and medicine. ITMO University presented the concept of ITMO Highpark and the best startups developed by its students and staff.


  • Science Fest: Future is Here

    Science Fest, a grandiose celebration of science, has yet again been hosted in St. Petersburg. Held on September 22-23, the event spread over ten unique spaces in the city: the usual Planetarium and Lumiere Hall were joined by the museums of optics, cosmonautics, and railway transport, the Lenpoligraphmash creative space, the St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, and the landmark Annenkirche church. The extensive program reflected the festival’s key message: science is a valued contributor to all aspects of our life.


  • This Weekend in St. Petersburg: July 7-8

    Looking for something fun to do in St. Petersburg? From art exhibitions to music festivals and Dostoevsky Day, this weekend is packed with a whole bunch of amazing events and activities!