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  • ITMO Graduate on Britain's IT Market, Hedge Funds and Working in the Field of Financial Technologies

    ITMO graduate Denis Evseev is currently working in London at Arrowgrass, a major hedge fund, in the Quantitative Development Department, where he writes programs for traders and portfolio managers. Having moved to Great Britain, he joined a Master’s program at City, University of London, and had tens of job interviews at major banks and international companies in the course of his studies. In an interview for ITMO.NEWS, he spoke about studying in London, the differences in Russian and British educational systems, working on one’s individual project and what one has to account for if they plan to continue their education abroad.


  • Programmer Kirill Yashchuk on How to Survive Seven Surgeries, Not Give Up and Launch Your Own Project

    Having graduated from ITMO University in 2010, Kirill Yashchuk worked as a programmer at a number of companies, and also participated in an Amsterdam-based acceleration program as part of the TabTrader project team. But then a tragedy struck. A faulty chairlift cost him a grave arm injury. Fighting to save his arm, he had to undergo seven difficult surgeries. During his treatment, Kirill had an idea to create an open source solution aimed at facilitating the recovery of fine motor skills of people with disabilities. Unlike existing prostheses, which either don’t involve electronics or offer but a limited set of movements, the developed system will allow for intuitive control of prosthetic limbs. ITMO.NEWS met Kirill to learn how his university experience helped him in his life, and why the prostheses market still doesn’t offer good solutions.


  • 24-Year Old Millionaire on Cryptocurrency and Personal Development

    ITMO University graduate Sergey Khitrov launched his first business when he was a first-year Bachelor’s student and earned his first million rubles at the age of 19. Now he organizes major international conferences on cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies and works on several projects. Among them is Listing.Help, a company that helps other companies make it to big cryptocurrency exchanges. Over the last year and a half, the company has promoted more than 400 ICO projects. In this interview with ITMO.NEWS, Sergey Khitrov talks about the future of blockchain technologies and the latest trends in the field of cryptocurrency.


  • Twenty-Five Hours in a Day

    What to do if you dream of pursuing a degree abroad, but doubt you’ll be able to make it? How does the Russian educational system differ from its international counterparts? And how to get selected for an internship at a world-class university? Victoria Gorelkina, a graduate of ITMO University’s Faculty of Physics and Engineering, knows the answers! 


  • PhD Vitaly Aksenov: Coding For Someone Other Than Myself Is Boring

    Vitaly Aksenov, staff member of ITMO’s Information Technologies and Programming Faculty, graduated from school at the age of 15. At the age of 24, he got his PhD at a leading French university. During the past several years, Vitaly has been working in the field of concurrent computing, solving fundamental tasks that have to do with optimizing data structures. In future, he is planning to continue his research in Austria. In an interview for ITMO.NEWS, the young scientist spoke about his research interests, experience, and ideas.


  • Interning in New York, Working in Berlin: ITMO Graduate Victoria Gorelkina On Her International Experience

    Victoria Gorelkina graduated from ITMO University in 2015. After going on an exchange semester in Switzerland as part of her Master’s studies, Victoria decided that she would like to continue her education abroad, consequently enrolling in a Master’s program in Germany. Today, Victoria is a lighting designer at a German company. ITMO.NEWS met her to talk about education mobility, dream jobs, and the importance of learning languages.


  • Gennady Korotkevich Named One of St. Petersburg's Best Students

    The 16th annual Awards Ceremony has been recently held in the Peter and Paul Fortress to honor the best graduates of St. Petersburg universities. The Vice-Governor of St.Petersburg Vladimir  Kirillov,  and the representatives of the city's universities gathered to congratulate the young experts. ITMO University was represented by Gennady Korotkevich, a Master’s student at the Computer Technology Department, a multiple  winner  of various programming competitions.


  • ITMO Graduate and Entrepreneur Yaroslav Pavlov on Changing Academia Through IT

    10 years ago, Yaroslav Pavlov graduated from ITMO’s Business Informatics program; since then, he’s managed to study in three different countries, build a managerial career in the field of IT, and launch one of Russia’s first iMBA programs at the RANEPA Institute. Currently, Mr. Pavlov is head of his own project that helps Russian business schools and companies get distance education processes up and running. In an interview for ITMO.NEWS, the expert spoke about the common problems that managers working in IT face, the specific features of Russian business schools, and why blended learning will become all the more popular in educational establishments.


  • ITMO's Young Scientist on How to Win Two Grants and Go to Berlin

    How to defend your thesis and win two grants at the same time? What is it like being ITMO’s Ambassador? How to combine working in an international laboratory in Berlin and parenting? Irina Martynenko, a graduate student of the Department of Optical Physics and Modern Natural Science, knows about it firsthand. ITMO.NEWS asked her some questions about her experience.


  • From A Double Degree Program To A PhD In France: Student Shares

    In 2014-2016, Uliana Pinaeva was studying Molecular Bio- and Nanophotonics (MONABIPHOT), a double degree program conducted by ITMO University and ENS de Cachan (France). During her time in France, she decided to continue her education as a PhD student abroad. To get a corresponding grant, she passed a three-stage selection conducted by the University of Paris-Saclay. Currently, Uliana is a second-year PhD student working in a laboratory at École Polytechnique - one of the most prestigious universities in France. In an interview for ITMO.NEWS, she gave advice on developing one’s career on an international level and getting funding for studying in France.