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  • "IT-Start" in Anapa — a Program for Future IT-Entrepreneurs

    Informational Technology is no longer a field for specialists only: it is used for creating corporate networks, develops platforms for entrepreneurship and applications for remote access to digital resources. Almost everyone uses IT, so now is the perfect time to earn with it. The "IT-Start" educational program in Anapa trains highschoolers to become IT-entrepreneurs and know the trends of this industry.


  • The "People of the Future": Who Are They and How Does One Teach Them?

    What do talented children need to develop further? Who adapts these talents for technologies and the needs of industry? What are the nearest goals of Russia's educational system? These were just some of the questions answered at the "People of the Future "conference that was dedicated to further engineering education amongst schoolers. Such organizations as the "System" charity foundation and ITMO University were among the organizers.


  • The University of Children: Their Dreams and Plans for the Future

    The new academic year at the University of Children started last Sunday. During the lectures at ITMO University, the young and curious learned of the properties of fresh and salty water and were told about robots. Saint Petersburg State University's Department of Ichthyology and Hydrobiology Research Associate Ms Marina Katolikova and ITMO's Research student and member of FabLab Mr Eugeny Anfimov were the one to pass the knowledge, trying to explain complex topics in simple terms. In this article, we've gathered opinions of both children and parents, who sound really fond of these lectures.


  • ITMO U Helps Talented Children at Sirius Center in Sochi

    The first session for talented children at the "Sirius" study center ended on 24 July. Over the last three weeks, high schoolers have been working on challenging projects under the supervision of specialists from Russia’s leading educational, research and commercial establishments.


  • Robot Cleaner to Save the Arctic

    Discovering the Arctic can’t be done without the barrels of fuel needed for heating and electricity. But what do they do with these drums after they are emptied? Unfortunately, they do nothing as it is not profitable and this raises a huge ecological concern. Teenage students studying robotics identified this issue and showcased their solution to this problem at the Russian Robot Olympiad, winning first prize in the creative category for their age group.