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  • ITMO’s Best Graduation Papers 2021: Big Data, Biotech, and More

    This year, 12 Bachelor’s and Master’s graduates won ITMO’s annual competition for the best thesis. 


  • Prime Minister of Russia Recognizes ITMO as the Best Engineering School Nationwide

    ITMO University is one of the best engineering schools in Russia, according to Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin. He recently visited the new under-construction campus of Kapitza Phystech Lyceum of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, attended classes, and talked with the school’s students and graduates. At the meeting, he shared plans for large-scale support of engineering education in Russia.  


  • EduStars Winner Valeria Limonova: Every Student Can Be Seen As a Whole Universe

    In another interview of the ITMO.EduLeaders series, we talked to Valeria Limonova, a lecturer in soft skills, about the ways a humanities student can fit in with physicists, how to cope with the impostor syndrome, and the need to always prepare for public speeches. 


  • ITMO University Presents Its New 2030 Development Strategy

    What will ITMO University be like in ten years? And what about the whole world – education and science in particular? What kind of breakthroughs are we to expect? The university's experts presented its new 2030 Development Strategy during a session of ITMO's Academic Council at Sevkabel Port.


  • ITMO Student’s Quick Guide to Life in the City

    As the new academic year kicks off, we’re happy to see some new faces pop up around the campus as more and more students arrive to St. Petersburg from all over. And to get you up to speed, we’ve put together a quick but comprehensive adaptation guide. Welcome to ITMO!


  • ITMO University Retains Its Position Among Top Ten Russian Universities in the Three University Missions Ranking

    On August 31, the new Three University Missions Moscow International University Ranking (MosIUR) was published. ITMO University placed 270th worldwide and ninth in Russia.


  • Researcher Artemy Okhotin: If Vaccine Makes Hospitalization Five Times Less Likely – Then It’s a Powerful Tool

    In late August, researchers from the European University at St. Petersburg, the Sergey Berezin Medical Institute, the Pavlov First State Medical University of St. Petersburg, and the central district hospital of Tarusa  conducted an independent study of the efficacy of the Sputnik V vaccine in preventing hospitalization among those infected with the Delta variant of COVID-19. The study demonstrated that the vaccine is 81% effective in preventing hospitalization in such cases. ITMO.NEWS got the chance to interview Arseny Okhotin, one of the authors of the study, a cardiologist and physician in Tarusa, and a student at ITMO’s new Master’s program Public Health Sciences. Read on to learn more about the research project and the way it can change public perception of vaccines.  


  • Kick Off the New Academic Year: Study Spots Near ITMO Campuses

    It’s not always that we get super excited to spend hours on end doing homework for the next class. But if there is a cool new place to explore or a chance to get that perfect mug of coffee, it might get a little easier. To boost your creative spirit and motivation, here’s a list of the best places to study near two main ITMO campuses.


  • Song of the Month: August 2021

    August could win in a contest for the most romantic month of the year – and we naturally spent it wrapped up in our favorite music. Tune in to our headphones and let's relive the last month of summer 2021. 


  • ITMO Students Shine At Hackathon Oil Tech Challenge 2021 and Enter Ministry of Energy Candidate Pool

    ITMO University Master’s students Daria Yakovleva and Regina Tuganova got to the finals of Hackathon Oil Tech Challenge 2021 that took place in the Russian Republic of Tatarstan on July 8-15. They worked on cases related to preserving biodiversity and new alternative energy generation technologies. We asked Daria and Regina about the projects they developed and the opportunities they gained at the forum.