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  • ITMO Graduate Anastasia Tukmakova on Her Path in Science, Thermoelectricity, and New Materials

    What is thermoelectricity? How do scientists create new functional materials and smart systems in this field? Anastasia Tukmakova discussed relevant studies and dream projects in this interview with ITMO.NEWS.


  • Yandex Names ITMO University Student as Recipient of Ilya Segalovich Award

    Vyacheslav Shalamov, a PhD student from ITMO University’s Information Technology and Programming Faculty, is one of the recipients of the Ilya Segalovich Award by Yandex. ITMO.NEWS asked him about his scientific achievements, ideas, and plans for the future.


  • ITMO University Graduate Dmitry Vavulin on His Love for Physics, Science, and Working at Yandex

    Ever since his school years, Dmitry Vavulin wanted to become a physicist. He graduated from ITMO University’s School of Photonics, defended his PhD thesis. But after his PhD studies, he decided to transition from physics to IT and focus on applied work. In this interview with ITMO.NEWS, Dmitry talks about his physics research, academic competitions, student years, and working at Yandex. 


  • Everything You Need to Know About ITMO University’s Admission Campaign 2020

    This year, ITMO University’s admission campaign is fully online. All the documents are to be submitted digitally using the ITMO Admissions 2020 website – there is no need to mail them or bring them to the university. Read more about the new application process below.


  • ITMO University PhD student Karina Pats on Her Job in the Field of Bioinformatics in Kazakhstan and her Career in Academia

    Karina Pats graduated from ITMO University’s Applied Computer Science program last year, and at the moment is getting a PhD degree. She also works on a big project at Nazarbayev University (Kazakhstan) under the grant for research of nuclear receptor action mechanisms. Karina shared with ITMO.NEWS why research of these mechanisms can potentially help development of a new medicine, how bioinformatics work in Kazakhstan, and why she decided to pursue a career in academia instead of the industry.


  • “I am a Professional” Winners on Challenges and Benefits of the Contest

    This year, the competition was held for the second time in a row. ITMO organized one of the winter schools and a number of educational tracks. The winners got the opportunity to be enrolled in Master's and Bachelor's programs of leading Russian universities without any additional exams. Those who had ITMO as their university of choice told us about the reasons behind it as well as the benefits of such student contests.


  • ITMO Scientist Mingzhao Song: Each Time My Phone Runs out of Battery, I Realize That I Have to Work Harder

    ITMO University’s PhD researcher Mingzhao Song, one of the authors of the “smart table” technology that allows to charge electronic devices with no cords and plugs needed, will defend his thesis on September 13. He spoke about his predictions for the future of wireless power transfer, what differentiates research in China from that in Russia, and why he is so fascinated by Peter the Great’s imagination in an interview with ITMO.NEWS. 


  • ITMO Graduate Mikhail Galkin on PhD Studies in Germany and the Importance of Believing in Oneself

    Having graduated from ITMO University’s double-degree PhD program with the University of Bonn, Mikhail Galkin decided to stay in science despite numerous work offers from leading companies. In this interview with ITMO.NEWS, the researcher shares about his experience of studying in Germany, working with industrial partners and traveling the globe while at it.


  • Young Scientists Awarded ITMO University’s First Own Academic Degree Diplomas

    In 2017, ITMO University, together with 18 other higher education institutions, was granted the right to award candidate of sciences and doctor of sciences academic degrees, as well as to establish its own academic degree councils and define the latter’s remits. The university held its first independent thesis defenses in December last year. The list of successful candidates includes Galina Lavrentyeva and Andrey Oleynik, whose research on solutions to different audio-visual data tasks yielded them the degree of a candidate of sciences. They have received their diplomas during a recent official ceremony that took place at ITMO University.


  • Nanophotonics' Most Topical Fields: Research on Hybrid Metal-Dielectric Structures

    Hybrid metal-dielectric structures hold great promise for the development of new data recording devices, improved sensors and optical chips. This is the field that Yali Sun, a PhD student from ITMO's Faculty of Physics and Engineering, focuses on. Back in China, she obtained education in the field of electronics, and then chose to focus on nanophotonics. In an interview with ITMO.NEWS, she spoke about the differences between education in Russia and China, gender issues, and working in this new relevant field.