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  • Get to Know ITMO's Robotics and Control Specialists


  • ITMO University Students Win NTI Competition

    At the beginning of March, a number of ITMO University students went to Innopolis University to participate in the Competition of the National Technology Initiative, which they ended up winning. Previously held exclusively for school students, in 2019 the competition was spread to university students. By participant’s accounts, the organization process wasn’t always up to standard, but the four days of dynamic work and exciting collaborations at the state-of-the-art science center and communication were worth it. More on the competition and life in Innopolis below.


  • University of Twente’s Stefano Stramigioli: Robotics Is About Giving Machines Life

    Stefano Stramigioli first got into robotics after watching Star Wars as a kid. Today, he is the chairman of the Robotics and Mechatronics Group at the University of Twente (the Netherlands). Last year, his research team developed the world’s smallest breast cancer diagnostics robot. The group’s researchers collaborate with major companies like KUKA and Siemens, and develop drones and other robotic systems. Prof. Stramigioli, who is co-heading the ITMO Bio-mechatronics and Energy-Efficient Robotics Lab and recently came to ITMO University to give a series of lectures for students and young researchers, sat down with us to talk about medical robotics, working with ITMO, and finding inspiration.


  • ITMO Students Score Second and Third in Robotex Competition

    December 3 marked the final round of Robotex, the largest robotics competition in Europe. Last year, ITMO University team Cepheus took first place, while this time our students placed second and third, losing to students from Germany. In this interview with ITMO.NEWS, they share about what challenges they faced during the competition.


  • ITMO Robotics Team Wins Gold at World Robot Olympiad 2018 in Thailand

    It’s a wrap for this year’s World Robot Olympiad (WRO-2018), an international competition for talented school and university students from more than 60 countries, and a good one at that for ITMO University’s robotics team, who took first prize in the Senior High age group. The team was led by coach Igor Lositskiy. In total, Russian teams have claimed three medals in all age groups of the Open category.


  • ITMO Scientist Vladislav Gromov: We Want to Make Robots Help People, Not Replace Them

    On October 14-18, the Sirius educational center in Sochi hosted as many as two prominent events for young scientists and engineers: the summit ‘Big Challenges for Society, State and Science’ and, as part of that, the Congress of Councils of Young Scientists. These proved to be particularly successful for ITMO University’s Laboratory of Intelligent Technologies in Robotics, which won the ‘Best Practices’ nomination. Vladislav Gromov, a research associate at the laboratory participating in the events, shared with ITMO.NEWS on how he liked the warm and sunny Sochi, why make robots more intelligent, and what projects the state is ready to provide funding for. 


  • ITMO Team Wins at RobotChallenge-2018 in Beijing

    The team, which includes school students Vasiliy Dunaev, Daniil Pavlov and Daniil Martynov, and coaches Igor Lositsky and Evgeny Zavarin, won first place in the Freestyle category. Their winning project Clean Arctic is focused on an extensive clean-up effort of the Arctic coast. Teams from 30 countries and 1,500 robots competed with each other in this year’s RobotChallenge in Beijing.


  • Children Develop Robots at ITMO.KIDS Technopark

    15 school children attended the first summer school organized by ITMO.KIDS, a technopark for children at ITMO University. Over the course of a week, they made presentations and learned the basics of 3D modeling, robotics, project management, and design. For many of them, this was the first time they tried their hand at soldering and working with high-precision equipment. Lectures and workshops were conducted by ITMO staff and students. The participants worked on three projects designed to facilitate human activities in various fields, from animal feeding and drawing to uranium mining. As the event came to an end, participants presented their projects to the jury.


  • Joint Project between ITMO U and LEGO Education

    Esben Stark, the President of LEGO Education, and Olga Lombas, head of LEGO Education Russia & CIS, visited ITMO University and discussed the prospects of cooperation with the university on educational projects. LEGO Education and ITMO University share the same mission: to train creative professionals to work in the ever-changing world of new technologies.


  • ITMO Robotics School Team Wins Medals at All-Russian Olympiad in Robotics.

    The All-Russian Olympiad in Robotics has recently ended at the Innopolis University in Tatarstan. ITMO University's School Team in Robotics got 1st place in the senior group of the Open category, having developed the Strawberry Fields project on creating a smart garden bed that makes use of Soft Robotics technologies; members of the junior group presented the AppleBot - a robot for picking apples - and won silver medals. The competition brought together 600 aspiring robotics specialists from 60 regions of Russia who competed for the opportunity to become part of the Russian team at WRO 2018.


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