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  • Secret Rules of Russian Public Transport

    Recently, an Indian student who came to study at ITMO commented on how organized the transit system is in St. Petersburg. I wasn’t sure what he meant by that. Maybe he was impressed by how everything comes on time or the fact that you can take public transport to the most obscure parts of the city. Now, I think he was talking about all the unwritten rules that every local knows… how to navigate the mysterious world of public transportation.


  • This Weekend in St. Petersburg: August 4-5

    A blues music festival, a local produce fair, and a sailing regatta: as always, St. Petersburg is buzzing with events you can attend this weekend!


  • This Weekend in St. Petersburg: July 28-29

    This Sunday, July 29, Russia celebrates Navy Day, which means there will be no shortage of great events for you to attend!


  • Drink (Soda) Like a Russian

    Ever sipped tarragon? Or poured liquid bread? Summer is a perfect time to try refreshingly unique Russian soft drinks. 


  • Mustache of Hope: Russia Unites to Support Its Football Team

    What started as a joke on the lowest ranking team quickly turned into a flashmob as fans show support sporting real and fake mustaches - and it seems to have magic powers.  


  • Russian Industry and Education Representatives Meet With Presidential Adviser on Internet Development

    On May 3, members of the industry, education, legal professionals and others, concerned with Roskomnadzor federal agency’s blocking of various online services in connection with its blocking of the messenger service Telegram, met with German Klimenko, the Presidential Adviser on Internet Development. Earlier on, ITMO University’s Rector Vladimir Vasilyev addressed Mr. Klimenko in a letter, in which he described the consequences that blocking of IP-addresses in the “pursuit” after Telegram will have on the nation’s science, education and economy. After the letter evoked a wide public response, representatives of the university were also invited to the meeting. Anatoly Shalyto, head of ITMO’s Programming Technology Department, and Roman Elizarov, an ITMO alum and one of the creators of the Kotlin programming language, participated in the discussion.


  • Open Letter to Presidential Adviser on Internet from ITMO University’s Rector

    On April 16, 2018, the Roskomnadzor federal agency initiated its blocking of the messenger app Telegram in Russia. In addition to Telegram’s servers, the Federal Agency for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media expanded its list of blocked web-addresses with more than 18 million IP-addresses belonging to Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Digital Ocean. The attempt to block a single platform resulted in complications with a wide range of third-party websites, used on an everyday basis by people in different fields of work. Scientists and professors at universities and research centers are experiencing delays and complications in their work. Concerned with the current situation, ITMO University’s Rector Vladimir Vasilyev has written a letter to German Klimenko, the Presidential Adviser on Internet Development, in which he addressed the current situation and suggested that the process be discontinued. ITMO.NEWS provides the full text of the letter.


  • From Russia with Gifts: Foods to Bring Home

    From caviar to cranberries, Russia offers lots of scrumptious treats that you can share with friends and family. If you’re in Russia now or planning to visit in the future, you’re probably wondering what to bring home with you - how about traditional local delicacies that Russians love?  


  • Treating a Common Cold the Russian Way

    Before I moved to Russia, I was really anxious about the cold; but I had also convinced myself that it's so cold in Russia that all diseases freeze and I won't ever get sick. Wishful thinking! Getting a cold is just a natural part of the full winter experience. Besides some positive thinking and consuming as much citrus as you can, you might be interested in some popular home-style Russian remedies that get anyone from Vladivostok to Murmansk feeling good when they’re under the weather. Some of these were recommended over the last few years in Russia by friends or doctors and many have helped me when I wasn’t feeling well.


  • More Than 50 Thousand Students Apply for "I am a Professional" Contest in a Week

    The registration of participants for an All-Russian student contest "I am a professional" continues. 50 thousand students from all over Russia will try their chances and apply for the best master’s and Ph.D. programs of the leading Russian universities and present their projects to the best employers in the industry. Students from 550 Russian towns already applied for the contest in just one week. Most of the applications came from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tyumen, Krasnodar and Yekaterinburg.


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