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  • ACM ICPC-2017 Totalizator: Who Will Win The Championship?

    ​Tomorrow, at 17:40 Moscow time, ACM ICPC-2017 finals will start in Rapid City, South Dakota (USA). According to the forecasts of Russian trainers, the competition will be fierce: the teams' line-up this year is most strong. This means that the contest will be definitely worth watching! As for now, we offer you the opportunity to place your bets on this year's winner using our ACM ICPC-2017 Totalizator: learn the rules, read the forecasts by trainers and team members and... stake everything on ITMO's team! Just joking. Place your bets on any team or region you expect to win. 


  • Aiming High: World’s Leading Experts on Modern Sports Programming

    Following the results of the regional semi-finals of ACM ICPC, the results of the All-Russian School Programming Contest in Programming came in. Schoolers from Almaty, Astana and Moscow got the gold here; participants from St. Petersburg shared the silver medals with their peers from Tbilisi, and the school kids from Ekaterinburg, Izhevsk, Kremenchuk and Vitebsk took home the bronze. At a round table dedicated to sports programming, such people as Andrei Lopatin and Andrei Stankevich, coaches for the St. Petersburg teams, Lidya Perovskaya, tutor at the Computer Technology Department, Vladimir Parfenov, Dean of the Information Technologies and Programming Faculty, and the world champions in programming discussed why kids from the CIS have been beating all records for the past 15 years.