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  • Phylogenetic Trees and Targeted Cancer Research: Bioinformatics Summer School

    Cancer is one of the most common diseases of our time, and trailblazing bioinformatics research is looking for answers. This rapidly developing scientific field has already come up with effective methods that not only allow to quickly track down genome changes conducive to cancer development, but also pinpoint the factors that catalyze or inhibit this process. These questions were at the center of this year’s Bioinformatics summer school held at the end of July in the green purlieus of St. Petersburg. Participants of this largest national Bioinformatics event conducted high-profile research breaking down medical data of breast cancer patients, analyzing the differential expression of long non-coding RNA in kidney renal cell carcinoma, and building phylogenetic trees that contribute to better understanding of the disease. ITMO.NEWS met the young scientists to talk about their summer school projects and the latest of cancer-focused bioinformatics research. 


  • Geography for All: Why Science Popularization Matters

    “Geography for All”, an international summer school hosted by the Russian Geographical Society, has just wrapped up at ITMO University. This year, the event was dedicated to popularization of geography. Over the course of a week, students from all over Russia and the CIS countries attended a whirlwind of lectures and workshops of renowned bloggers, science communicators, globetrotters, and public figures, who shared their tips and tricks for making science buzz. The summer school is the first milestone of cooperation between ITMO University’s Science Communication and Outreach Office and the Russian Geographical Society aimed at popularization of geography. This partnership gives ITMO’s Master’s students access to an expert community of leading geographers, which will be invaluable for developing new science communication tools. 


  • Hermitage, Football, and Lots of Programming: Summer Camp at ITMO

    For several years now, students from all over the world have been coming to St. Petersburg to take part in ITMO University's Camp in Programming. We met three current students: Hassan from The Gambia, Roh from Slovenia, and Enrique from Mexico, to talk about their experience.


  • The Results of Workshop Week at SCAMT Lab

    SCAMT Workshop Week is a summer school in a unique new format. Over the course of a week, its participants work on one of the six research projects and hone their practical skills. This year’s students have synthesized a nanopharmaceutical drug and magnetic bacteria, printed an optical sensor, built a nanobot and worked on other hi-tech inventions. 40 students were selected from among 200 applicants from Russia and neighboring countries. ITMO.NEWS met with the students to learn more about their projects.


  • Preparing You For the Working World: Summer School in Singapore

    To be successful, you need both professional competencies and soft skills, also known as interpersonal or social skills. Ranked as one of the world’s leading universities, the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore launched the Preparing You For the Working World summer school for students from all over the globe. The event is aimed at teaching students valuable soft skills like teamwork, leadership and management skills, and other soft skills. ITMO University and the NTU are already collaborating on academic mobility programs, which gave this year's graduate student Anastasia Volkova, who is going to continue her professional career at ITMO, an opportunity to take part in the summer school. In an interview with ITMO.NEWS, she shared her experience.


  • ITMO’s Russian Language Summer School: Attracting Students from Around the World

    For the third year in a row, ITMO University's Russian Language Summer School has given students from around the world an opportunity to delve into intense Russian language study for a few weeks, get to know the beautiful city of St. Petersburg, and learn more about Russian culture.


  • ITMO Students Study Monodzukuri at Kindai University

    ITMO University continues to establish academic cooperation with one of Japan’s largest universities, the Kindai University. This partnership is made possible by support from Monodzukuri, the Japanese government's project that encourages  exchange  of experience and the training of professionals in high-tech and natural sciences fields for the Russian-Japanese business. As part of this program, ITMO students Andrei Palshin and Ivan Bereznoy, as well as head of the Mechatronics Department Sergey Kolyubin spent two weeks on an introductory internship in Kindai University.


  • UniverSum Summer School: Competitive Hacking for School Students

    The coordinators of the SPbCTF project held a “Hacking and security” workshop for the participants of the  UniverSum  summer school which took place in Munich from June 27 to July 11. What makes  UniverSum  truly special is its unique educational approach: students are allowed to choose their own educational track. This autumn, SPbCTF will launch a new season of workshops on sports hacking for school children and students of St. Petersburg.


  • Sun, Sea, and Computational Science: YSC-2018 Participants Discuss Their Conference Experience

    July 6 marked the conclusion of the 7th International Young Scientists Conference in Computational Science. Held in the bustling Greek city of Heraklion, this event was organized by ITMO University jointly with the University of Amsterdam (the Netherlands), the University of Crete (Greece), the Foundation for Research and Technology (FORTH) (Greece), and Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) with the aim of strengthening the ties between young scientists in different countries. Over 90 young scientists from more than 8 countries, including Russia, Greece, Poland, Ethiopia, Philippines, and the Republic of Macedonia, took part in the conference.


  • ITMO Graduates Participate in School of Science Journalism in Erice

    Participating in one of the world’s best science journalism schools, held annually in the Erice commune in Italy, has already become a tradition for representatives of ITMO University. This year, it was Daniil Shirokov and Ksenia Zhirnova, graduates of the Science Communication Master’s program, who attended the event. Over the course of a week, they shared experience, took part in workshops, and listened to lectures by the field’s leading experts.