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  • ITMO University Professor Wins L’OREAL – UNESCO ‘For Women in Science’ Contest

    The results of the 2018 ‘For Women in Science’ contest have just been announced. Launched in 2007, the prestigious fellowship program is organized by Russian Academy of Sciences and Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO in Moscow. This year, ten researchers from Russian scientific and educational centers were distinguished for their contribution to science. The awardee list includes ITMO University Biochemistry Cluster professor Ekaterina Skorb.


  • Schrödinger’s Paradox and Doctor Faustus’ Lab: the Many Faces of “Gatchina Light Nights”

    This weekend, Gatchina hosted “Gatchina Light Nights ”, the 5th international festival of light art. Annually attended by thousands of people, this year’s event was even more special as for the first time ever, it lasted not one day, but two. Audiences were presented with more than 30 unique light art objects made by Russian and international artists, architects, as well as lighting and stage designers. Keeping to the tradition, an international competition of light installations was held as part of the festival. It featured two light installations created by students of ITMO University’s Department of Creative Lighting Design.


  • Go Green in the City: ITMO Team Wins Regional Stage of Eco-Friendly Competition

    Members of ITMO’s Department of Industrial Ecology and Safety Anastasia Pavlova and Violetta Savoscula won the regional stage of the international Go Green in the City competition, held annually by the Schneider Electric company. The contest’s participants had to solve one of five tasks on reducing energy waste and improving the quality of life in urban areas. ITMO team’s project on the use of thermoelectric modules in inland water transport for increasing the efficiency of diesel engines bested over 160 competitors.


  • “Students Contribute to the City” Contest: Winning Projects

    The “Students Contribute to the City” contest has recently taken place in St. Petersburg. The event’s participants develop projects on the order of the city’s administration; the results of their work are assessed by the contest committee headed by Vice-Governor Vladimir Kirillov. This year, students from more than ten universities presented their projects at the exhibition of the contest's best works; among the finalists were students of ITMO University.


  • ITMO Robotics School Team Wins Medals at All-Russian Olympiad in Robotics.

    The All-Russian Olympiad in Robotics has recently ended at the Innopolis University in Tatarstan. ITMO University's School Team in Robotics got 1st place in the senior group of the Open category, having developed the Strawberry Fields project on creating a smart garden bed that makes use of Soft Robotics technologies; members of the junior group presented the AppleBot - a robot for picking apples - and won silver medals. The competition brought together 600 aspiring robotics specialists from 60 regions of Russia who competed for the opportunity to become part of the Russian team at WRO 2018.


  • ITMO.STARS: Exclusive Way to Join ITMO University.

    Is it possible to study at ITMO University for free without having enough Unified State Exam points for enrolling in a state-sponsored position? Starting with the 2018 admission campaign, it sure is! Applicants with unique achievements and strong motivation now get a chance to get their education paid for by ITMO University -  all they have to do is submit their portfolios and motivation letters for the ITMO.STARS contest. The winners will be determined by the beginning of August.


  • ITMO.Online: How to Profit from Finishing an Online Course

    ITMO University started the ITMO.Online contest, which means that every ITMO student can apply for financial support for mastering mass online courses.


  • ScienceMedia-2018: Russian Student Media

    Last week, ITMO University hosted ScienceMedia, the national student media forum, organized in collaboration with the Megabyte student media group. This year, 55 participants from more than 25 cities arrived in St. Petersburg. During the forum, they took part in special workshops, excursions and a contest for the title of the best in their business. The winners told us how the student media are developing, what difficulties they face and why it is important to be part of the media community.


  • Portfolio Contest Open for New Master's Programs in Photonics at ITMO

    ITMO University is launching the portfolio contest “Science Needs You!” for applicants to three new Master’s Programs in Photonics: “Functional Materials of Optoelectronics”, “LED Technologies” and “Optoelectronics”. Successful candidates will be admitted to the university without entrance examinations. The deadline for applications is May 31.


  • Manage! Cup Semifinals: Participants Share

    Just imagine that you get to manage a company, and all of its management has just been dismissed? You only have the enterprise's financial data, and you have to choose the optimal strategy that will enhance its investment appeal. What’s more, you only have a day to solve this task, and you don’t know anyone on the team you’ll be working with! These are the kinds of tasks that the participants of the Manage! cup, a countrywide management tournament for students, have to solve. The cup’s semifinals have just taken place in St. Petersburg; the 30 best teams were chosen to participate in the finals in Moscow on March 11-12. The tournament’s winners will be offered internships at the country's leading companies,  as well as the opportunity to participate in Global Management Challenge - a national business management championship.