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  • To Yandex or Not to Yandex: Russian Apps to Make Your Life Easier

    Tech giants like Amazon, Facebook, and Apple are taking over the world. We uber to places, facetime our friends, and google things up even when we do not exactly use Uber, Facetime, and Google, respectively. But what is just as popular in Russia?


  • 4 Incredible Russian Churches Off the Beaten Track

    The many cathedrals of St. Petersburg certainly get their fair share of tourist attention – no true Instagram blogger would fail to capture those when they get to visit the city. Today, however, we are taking you on a tour of some of Russia’s lesser-known churches – the hidden gems of unique architecture, unrivaled craftsmanship and rich historical heritage.  


  • 5 Russian Must-Know Iconic Singers

    There are so many household names in Russia that literally everyone knows –  they might not all love them, but they certainly know them. After learning about some of Russia’s famous pop singers, I ventured into the world of iconic Russian singers. Narrowing that list down to five was difficult, but here goes. Below you’ll find five iconic Russian singers you have to know to feel a tiny bit less out of place.  


  • 5 Russian Architectural Wonders You Didn’t Know Existed

    From an egg-shaped residence to a tractor-inspired theater, you can find inspiring and sometimes bizarre buildings scattered all over Russia. 


  • St. Petersburg's Nobel Prize Legacy

    Did you know that Russia has given the world over 20 Nobel Prize winners? A good half of them come from St. Petersburg, the cradle of Russian science. Here, we've chosen our top five laureates who worked or lived in St. Petersburg and who have undoubtedly changed the world in their respective areas.


  • 5 Russian Must-Know Pop Singers

    I’ll tell you something. You can move to Russia, study the language intensively for two years, have Russian friends with whom your sole method of communication is the Russian language, get to know the culture, the history, the laws, the traditions, the superstitions, the public holidays, watch the Swan Lake, the Nutcracker, heck, you can even get permanent residence in the country, and still have absolutely no idea about the pop music scene.


  • 5 Russian Natural Wonders

    Whenever I get to discuss my Russian travel plans with my friends, there comes a moment when one of us says, “This has to be the place every Russian wants to visit”. I noticed that those seemed to fit perfectly with another “Russian dream” of crossing the country from West to East, stopping at some of the world’s most amazing natural wonders along the way. Here’s what’s on my list for my round-the-country trip once I get to make it.


  • Proverbs and Sayings to Sound Like a Native Speaker

    The Russian language has a proverb for every occasion in life. This week we’ll check out some of the most popular ones.


  • Russia Marks Day of Remembrance and Sorrow

    On June 22, 1941, German troops invaded the Soviet Union’s territory, starting the Great Patriotic War. Some 1,418 candles will be lit today at the war memorials around Russia for each day of the war, keeping the memory alive.


  • Whip Up Desserts Like a Russian

    Decadent, classic, labor-intensive and oh-so-satisfying. With restaurants closed, pastry chefs are making some of their most beloved Russian desserts in real time on Instagram, offering us a glimpse of their kitchens and a rare opportunity to make sweet magic at home.