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  • St. Petersburg 2103: Building the City of the Future

    The “St. Petersburg 2103” exhibition about the past, present  and  future of the city has recently started in the Manege Central Exhibition Hall. Why did Catherine II want to make the city smaller, while Alexander I wanted to extend it? What does modern St. Petersburg look like? And what will it look like in the future, for example, when it turns 400 years old? The exhibitions give you an opportunity to think about the development of the city and try your hand as a developer with the help of an interactive game designed by scientists from ITMO University.


  • ITMO Researchers Create Optoclones of Unique Historical Treasures from the Russian Diamond Fund

    ITMO University, the Hellenic Institute of Holography and Gokhran Russia have collaborated on a unique collection of optoclones of unique historical treasures from the Russian Diamond Fund and the State Fund of Precious Metals and Stones. Preserved as holograms, these items have not lost a bit of their volume and luxury. Sergei Stafeev, the scientific curator of ITMO’s Museum of Optics, tells us how these copies were made and where they’ll be on display.


  • ITMO and Partners Present New Projects at 2nd Lasers&Photonics Congress

    From June 4-8, St. Petersburg hosted the second international Lasers&Photonics congress, which brought together 1,500 scientists, researchers and members of the industry in the fields of photonics, laser physics and quantum communications. One of the main events at the congress was an exhibition where companies from Russia, Belarus, Lithuania and Japan presented their products; ITMO University, too, showcased devices developed in cooperation with industrial partners. Holographic nanocomposite materials, Li-Fi devices, infrared sensors for high-speed fiber optic communications – these and other inventions are market-ready.


  • MY.TECH Festival 2018

    Last week, the Ingria Technopark and the Lenpoligraphmash Technopark launched the first MY.TECH Technological Festival that took place in the “Boiling Point” creative space. The program of the festival included 60 events, such as lectures, presentations, panel discussions and an exhibition of IT projects and startups which ITMO University also took part in. The purpose of the festival was to create a platform for communication between startups, business communities, industrial companies, experts, investors and students interested in science.


  • 10 Top Tech Trends of 2018: Part Two

    What technology will actually change users’ lives in 2018 and which trends are worth incorporating into business? This was the topic of discussion earlier this year at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the largest annual international exhibition of consumer electronics, which took place in Las Vegas. In the second part of our article, we will talk about five more trends which Gartner, Deloitte and other top companies are raving about. Read the first part of the article here.


  • 10 Top Tech Trends of 2018: Part One

    2017 was the year of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. The fuss around the latter has even become a meme - just remember the news about a tea company that succeeded in enhancing the value of their stocks by just adding the word “blockchain” to its name. Yet, which technologies will really make a difference, and what trends modern businesses pay the most attention to? This was the topic of the world’s biggest trade show of the consumer electronics industry - the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. In this first part of our article, we’ll talk about the five trends that experts have placed emphasis on.


  • ITMO’s Technopark Resident Company Takes Best BioTech Innovations Prize in Hong Kong.

    The ATG Service Gene, company-resident at ITMO’s Technopark won in the category "Best Innovations" in the field of biotechnology at the SmartBizExpo in Hong Kong. In addition, the company won three gold medals in pharmacology. Ilya Dukhovlinov, Director of Science at ATG Service Gene told ITMO.NEWS about the most memorable moments and the generous Hong Kong investors.


  • Chaika Creative Space Opens at ITMO University

    The CHAIKA creative space was opened last week at ITMO University’s Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations. This space will become a platform for the creative development of students and anyone interested in taking part. CHAIKA is already a venue to the Sunny Petersburg photo exhibition, where visitors can see works by members of the “Art Petersburg” photo community.


  • Technology as Digital Mirrors

    The media art festival MediaIN took place on the new stage of the Alexandrinsky theater from 14th to 16th of July. Visitors had the chance to admire different interactive light and sound installations and video art. ITMO.NEWS managed to get an interview with Taras Mashtalir, a media artist, composer and producer whose works were displayed during the three days of the festival. He was behind the project SONICOLOGY and created some of his works in collaboration with The Higher School of Lighting Design at ITMO University. Mashtalir also worked as a lecturer at ITMO during the last academic semester.


  • Fan-zone, Optoclones and Cat Achilles - St. Petersburg's Ready For Confederations Cup

    On June 15, the House of the Journalist on Nevskiy prospect hosted the openings ceremony of the press center for the Confederations Cup 2017's non-accredited journalists. During the course of the year's most important football event, any visitor to the press center will have the opportunity to see ITMO's special exposition dedicated to St. Petersburg – Confederations Cup's flagship city.