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  • ITMO Graduate Roman Yanalov on Working on a Self-Driving Car at Yandex

    Roman Yanalov graduated from ITMO University’s Master’s program in Design of Embedded Computing Systems in 2014. Since then, he has worked in game development and at a company developing assistance systems for drivers – all of which led him to join a team working on the creation of self-driving cars at Yandex. ITMO.NEWS spoke to Roman to learn more about his current work, university studies and the opportunities offered by the Master’s program. 


  • VEEAM Specialist on How to Begin Your Career in Testing

    Who are testers? Which qualities and knowledge should they possess? What is their role in software development? Denis Polev, a QA manager at VEEAM, answered these questions and proved that testers not only look for bugs but, above all, use their logical thinking to foresee many scenarios. The webinar was organized by ITMO University’s Career Center.


  • ITMO University Graduate Dmitry Vavulin on His Love for Physics, Science, and Working at Yandex

    Ever since his school years, Dmitry Vavulin wanted to become a physicist. He graduated from ITMO University’s School of Photonics, defended his PhD thesis. But after his PhD studies, he decided to transition from physics to IT and focus on applied work. In this interview with ITMO.NEWS, Dmitry talks about his physics research, academic competitions, student years, and working at Yandex. 


  • Radario Founder and Former ITMO Student Anton Bryantsev on Skills for a Successful Startup

    Anton Bryantsev studied automation and mechatronics at ITMO University, but left after his fourth year. In 2012, together with his business partner Sergey Suchkov, Anton founded a ticketing service Radario and became its chief technology officer. Now, Radario unites 30 ticket operators and platforms and is developing a single ecosystem for the automation of sales and technology-savvy promotion of events. ITMO.NEWS got in touch with Anton to find out whether having technological knowledge is a must for an entrepreneur, how he managed to build a successful startup, and what qualities he looks for in an employee. 


  • ITMO University Master’s Student Speaks About Her Internship at T-Systems

    Elizaveta Kotelnikova studies at ITMO University’s Industrial Programming Technologies Master’s program. Its corporate partner, T-Systems, subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom AG, is a leader in the field of information technology. The program’s advantage is the opportunity to do an internship at this company as a student. We asked Elizaveta to share her experience of working at T-Systems, changing her field of studies after getting a Bachelor’s degree, and creating a project as part of an internship.


  • Cosmonaut Training Methods to Apply In Your Daily Life

    The Network of Nuclear Technology Information Centres arranged an online meeting with experts from the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Biomedical Problems (IMBP RAN) who had participated in experiments for simulation of transplanetary expeditions. During the SIRIUS and Mars-500 projects, volunteers had been isolated for 240 and 520 days, respectively. According to the scientists, that's how long a trip to Mars and back would take. Elena Fomina, the head of Laboratory for Prevention of Hypogravity Disorders at IMBP RAN, and Yurii Bubeev, the head of State Scientific Center’s Department of Psychology and Psychophysiology at IMBP RAN, talked about what helped participants stay healthy both physically and mentally, their daily routine, and how their experiences can be applied in daily life.


  • Entrepreneur Evgeny Mutovkin on Helping Volunteers and Cooperating with His Alma Mater

    Amid the spread of the novel coronavirus, ITMO’s Volunteer Center has launched an initiative to help the university’s older staff. The volunteers deliver groceries and medicines, and also help to tune in online services for those who are forced to observe a strict quarantine due to being especially at risk. Entrepreneur Evgeny Mutovkin, a former student of ITMO University, has supported the student initiative by equipping the volunteers with electric scooters rented by his company to make the delivery faster. He speaks about his cooperation with his alma mater and himself in this interview with ITMO.NEWS.


  • Entrepreneur Vaagn Ogannisian: Businesses Must Make Friends With Universities

    Vaagn Ogannisian is a graduate of the St. Petersburg State University of Refrigeration and Food Processing Technologies (now – ITMO University’s School of Biotechnology and Cryogenic Systems). Vaagn is a second-generation professional beer brewer. Ten years after his graduation, he still maintains a relationship with his alma mater by partnering up with ITMO for various events and inviting students to do internships at his company. In this interview with ITMO.NEWS, he talks education, business, and career.


  • ITMO University Organizes an Exam for a World Maritime University Student

    Sofiia Zarubenko is a PhD student at two universities: World Maritime University, Sweden (responsible for academic curriculum) and Lloyd’s Maritime Academy, UK (responsible for administering the learning process). The study process is based on distance learning, except for the exams that should be taken in London. However, this year, the Academy’s students from all over the world had to find a way to take the exam despite the quarantine. ITMO University helped Sofiia to solve this problem by organizing an exam for the foreign university.


  • Over Twenty ITMO University Students Win Potanin Scholarship Contest

    The Vladimir Potanin Foundation Scholarship Program is aimed at helping talented Master’s students of Russian universities. The selection of the grantees took place in two rounds: an offsite and an onsite one. First, the candidates submitted their resumes and a detailed description of their accomplishments, and in the second round, they participated in business games based on the results of which the judges issued a final ranking. In 2020, 500 out of 3,000 candidates were chosen to become the scholarship’s recipients throughout their Master’s; 27 of them are ITMO University students. ITMO.NEWS spoke to several of them to find out what helped them win and what advice they would give to future Master’s students gearing up to participate in the competition.