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  • ITMO Graduate from India on Benefits of Double Degree

    Soumen Banerjee came to ITMO University in September 2015 after getting his Bachelor’s degree in Calcutta. He enrolled at ITMO’s High-Performance Computing Department on a double-degree program and spent the first year of his studies in St. Petersburg. Having received his Master’s degree in Big Data, Soumen explains why the experience he acquired in his studies may well be a key part of his professional career and why the young specialist wants to come back to Russia.


  • ITMO Student Named Among 2017’s Best Graduates

    On June 27, Youth Day, the names of St. Petersburg’s best graduates of 2017 were announced in a ceremony held at the atrium of the Commandant’s Office of Peter and Paul Fortress. Governor Georgiy Poltavchenko, Vladimir Vasilyev, Chairman of the Rectors’ Union of St. Petersburg and ITMO's Rector, and other representatives of the city's universities gathered to congratulate the young experts. Among the 70 best graduates was Polina Litvinenko, who has recently completed a Master's degree program at ITMO's School of Lighting Design. 


  • Concurrency In Life - Practical Advice From Roman Elizarov

    Java Champion, expert on concurrency and financial mathematics, member of ACM ICPC contest finals executive committee, one of Devexperts founders - these are only some of the accomplishments of Roman Elizarov, one of the most renowned members of ITMO University and the Russian IT market. Yet, such intense professional activity doesn't make the champion's life one-sided - one can say that Mr. Elizarov has achieved remarkable balance in his personal, professional and social life. In an interview to ITMO.NEWS, Roman shared about how he succeeded in making most of his life, and gave valuable advice to those who only start their professional careers