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  • Neural Networks Specialist: Machine Learning Models Can Fail And Here Is Why

    Is it true that neural networks can’t tell a gorilla from a tumor? What is prediction confidence and what do they have to do to find your car in the parking lot? And finally, why shouldn’t you trust a model’s conclusions completely? We addressed all of these questions to Natalia Khanzhina, a PhD student at ITMO’s Information Technologies and Programming Faculty, who developed a new method that improves the precision of the neural network that detects brain tumors in MRI scans.  


  • This Weekend in St. Petersburg: August 28-29, 2021

    Are you already in back-to-school mode? Or is this weekend going to be your last chance to get the most out of this summer? As always, we have prepared our guide to the best activities in St. Petersburg and surrounding areas happening this weekend – so that you can welcome autumn and see summer off in style. 


  • Metrica Founders on How Their Platform Helps Analyze the Market and Make Business Decisions

    In 2020, Dmitriy Komarentsev and ITMO graduate Nikolai Golos launched the Metrica analytics service. In this article, Dmitriy talks about how their service facilitates decision-making, what startupers need to know about their competitors, and how the developers plan to enter the European market.


  • ITMO Student Devises Smart Backpack for On-the-Go Recharging

    What do you do if you’re out late, your phone’s dead, and you need a ride? Maksim Myagkih, a student at ITMO’s Faculty of Photonics, has designed a prototype of a powered backpack that charges up when you walk. We asked Maksim how fast you’ll need to run to charge your phone, what other devices are compatible with the backpack, and whether it can replace the common portable charger or power bank in the future. 


  • New Nature Exhibition Experience: Excavating the New, Burying the Old

    Have you ever imagined what the 2020s would look like in history textbooks? Do you see us praised or criticized by our descendants? The New Nature exhibition at the Manege Central Exhibition Hall gives you a glimpse of what our time could look like through the lens of history – with AR, AI, and a brand new way to experience art. 


  • Results of ITMO University’s Admission Campaign 2021

    This year’s admission campaign is over. Read on to learn about the number of 2021’s first-year students there will be, new majors, and the most popular programs.


  • ITMO Students Develop New Manipulator Arm That Can Be Applied Everywhere: From Catering to Chemistry Labs

    ITMO University students developed a compact manipulator arm using polymers, which helped significantly bring down its production costs. At the same time, the new device is just as secure and precise as its existing analogs. The project is headed by Islam Bzhikhatlov, a PhD student at ITMO University, who told ITMO.NEWS about the robot’s potential applications, the tasks it can solve, and the way it stands out from similar products. 


  • Highlights from the International Young Scientists Conference in Computational Science 2021

    The 10th International Young Scientists Conference in Computational Science (YSC) took place in early July at ITMO University. This year, the conference took place online and involved Master’s and PhD students from more than ten different countries. Read on to learn all about YSC’s topics, lecturers, and participants.


  • This Weekend in St. Petersburg: August 14-15, 2021

    It’s another Wednesday and you know what it means: we are here to tell you all about the best exhibitions and concerts you can visit this weekend. Get ready for a voyage to countries known and unknown, classical music in unusual surroundings, and an unexpected take on modern art. And we promise: you are going to have a great weekend! 


  • Crash Course: Recycling in St. Petersburg

    Did you ever want to change the world for the better but felt too small to matter? It’s high time to leave these thoughts in the past. Your daily choices can be humanity's path to a brighter future. Want to find out how to add your two cents?