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  • Neural Networks Never Get Tired: Data Science Specialist Andrei Sozykin On Opportunities Offered By Neural Networks

    Neural networks help treat heart attacks, manage traffic, analyze images and advize banks which services to offer. With each day, they enter new areas of our lives, and companies find more and more applications for them. Yet, what are their inner workings, and how does one start his path to becoming a specialist on analyzing Big Data? Andrei Sozykin, head of the High-performance Computer Technologies Department of Ural Federal University answered these questions during an open lecture organized by ITMO University and the NVIDIA Company.


  • Gutenberg’s Lounge: Human-like Intelligence or a Spotless Mind?

    Now robots can write poems, play Go and win as well as make jokes. It seems that they will soon feel like we do and surpass all humans. Alexey Potapov, professor at ITMO and St. Petersburg State University, author of books on AI and speaker of the science popular project Gutenberg's Lounge, shared about how to empower AI, why it is wrong to create AI in the image and likeness of the human brain and how to control "smart" machines.


  • Teaching the Machine: The Prospects of Neural Networks

    A diagnostician bot that can tell you which doctor you should go to, or a system that can define the winner of a beauty contest all by itself — such things are no longer traits of a science-fiction novel, but descriptions of real programs. Each is based on neural networks, which progress in analyzing texts and recognizing items or faces with every passing day. One can even train the network to find a personal Pokemon for everyone, like Ludmila Kornilova, a student from ITMO University, did. In an interview to ITMO.NEWS, she shared about her projects in machine learning, and whether a machine can discern right from wrong.


  • Artificial Intelligence: How to Regulate Human-Machine Interaction?

    European Parliament initiated a discussion devoted to rules of how humans and computers with AI have to communicate. The question is whether to consider machines computer-based personalities or not. We’ve asked ITMO’s experts about their views on "roboethics."


  • Smart Assistants Based on Neuroethologies

    After three days of hard work, St. Petersburg developers presented their projects at the Hackathon on Smart Systems and Neurotechnologies in Virtual Reality. Young IT specialists worked on self-taught apps and tools.


  • "Searching for Lost Kitties": ITMO student Develops an App for Finding Lost Pets

    Maksim Averin, a student at ITMO University, and his team "3bots" won the audience choice award at the Vkontakte hackathon that took place at the end of November. The hackathon's participants were impressed by their "Searching for Lost Kitty's" app. Maxim Averin shared how they got the idea of an application that helps find lost pets.


  • Gutenberg’s Lounge — Machines and Intuition

    Sometimes you are totally sure about something, but you just can't explain why. That is what intuition is. So, is it possible to teach intuition to a machine? And is there any point to it? Ivan Ivanchei, a research associate from Saint Petersburg State University, shared on this subject during the recent session of the Gutenberg's Lounge sci-pop project.


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