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  • Relocation Tips: What You Need to Know About ITMO Dorms

    ITMO University has several dormitories in different districts of St. Petersburg. International students are mostly housed in two of them: Vyazemsky lane 5-7 and Karpovka embankment 22. Both are located in the historic center of St. Petersburg, not far from ITMO University's main building. Here’s a map where you can see all of ITMO's buildings and dorms in the city.


  • Relocation Tips: Getting Your Cell Phone in Russia

    You don’t have to pay exuberant roaming fees when you move to St. Petersburg. There’re lots of local options to choose from. Here’s what you need to know to get connected quickly


  • Relocation Tips: Getting Your Visa and Registration in Russia

    Almost all foreign citizens need a visa to enter the Russian Federation, and the type of visa depends on their purpose of entry and the length of their stay in Russia. ITMO’s International Office helps international students and employees with the entire process and with all the necessary paperwork. Here’s what you need to know to have a general understanding of the process and to stay legal while you’re here.