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  • ITMO University Creates First Virtual Museum of Russian Architecture

    Specialists from ITMO’s Department of Engineering and Computer Graphics and the Design and Multimedia Center will create a 3D reconstructed version of the Feodorovsky Settlement in Tsarskoe Selo. The ensemble was constructed in 1917 on orders of the last Russian Emperor, Nicholas II and was intended to serve as a “live” museum of the Russian architectural style. The interiors, however, were lost during World War II. Now, thanks to virtual technology, they will be recreated and made available to all. The project is carried out in collaboration with the Roerich Family Museum-Institute, Russian Academy of Arts’ restoration workshop and I.P. Shmelev’s architecture workshop.


  • Movie Guide: The Best Russian Festive Films to brighten up your New Year’s Eve

    Despite the fact that every year the movie industry produces a plethora of New Year films, perennial movies such Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, It’s a Wonderful Life and the Wizard of Oz top the tables for the most evocative — continually watched and re-watched at Christmas and New Year by generation upon generation. In Russia, the same movie traditions prevail — from year to year we are happy to meet the same beloved characters and their adventures in a clutch of films that have become the embodiment of the holiday. Here are several examples that are an integral part of New Year celebrations in Russia.


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