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  • ‘I am a Professional’ National Student Competition Takes Off

    Today marks the start of the registration process for the ‘I am a Professional’ national competition for students. For a second year in a row, students from all over Russia can try their hand at the competition’s challenges in a bid to win an internship in a major company, a money prize, and easy access to Master’s and PhD degrees in leading Russian universities. This year’s competition consists of 54 tracks, five of which are coordinated by ITMO University. 


  • MSU Student on Working in Different Laboratories and Doing Internship at ITMO

    Alexander Chezhegov, a third-year student at Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Physics, took part in the “I am a Professional” competition and the “It’s Your Call!” Winter School that was held at ITMO University last winter. His project focused on creating a hydrophobic coating for solar cells. In July 2018, he did an internship at ITMO’s International Research Center of Nanophotonics and Metamaterials, where he studied hybrid states of light in low-dimensional quantum materials. In his interview with ITMO.NEWS, he shared his experience of working in different research groups.


  • “I Am a Professional” Winners On How Competition Changed Their Lives

    First All-Russian “I am a Professional” student competition was held last year. Attracted by the opportunity of free admission to leading Master’s and doctoral programs nationwide, 294,242 students took part in the contest. To encourage the participants, ITMO University decided to go against the usual ‘the winner takes it all’ rule and stretched the right to free admission to the winners of the Semi-Hackathon that was held as part of ITMO’s “It’s Your Call!” winter school. ITMO.NEWS met with the competitions winners who decided to apply to ITMO and asked them what was memorable about the competitions, why they decided to take part, why they chose ITMO, and how the experience changed them. 


  • ‘I am a Professional’ Competition Ends with Medals Ceremony

    The countrywide “I am a Professional” competition, which was launched in December of 2017, has recently come to an end. Nearly 300,000 participants from all over Russia participated in 27 different tracks. Medalists and runner-ups were presented with their awards on March 14 at a special ceremony.  All of them will be offered preferential admission to the best universities of the country, as well as internships in major companies.


  • ITMO Winter School Offers New Hackathon Format

    Can you bring physicists, programmers, and information security professionals to work as a single team and get them to come up with full-fledged projects in just a single week? The recent semi-hackathon which focused on addressing comprehensive problems, proposing viable products and coming up with valid merchandising strategies proved this possible. The hackathon involved more than a hundred students who came to ITMO University for the “It’s Your Call!” winter school which was organized in collaboration with Sberbank of Russia. Of the 18 participating teams, six made it into the finals, and the participants of the three winning teams won the right to enter Master’s and PhD programs at ITMO University without taking exams.


  • “I am a Professional” Competition Starts

    On December 1, the first qualifying online round of the countrywide “I am a Professional” competition was launched. More than 200,000 participants from all over Russia signed up for the competition; the Computer Science subject area, curated by ITMO University,  is among its most popular tracks.


  • More Than 50 Thousand Students Apply for "I am a Professional" Contest in a Week

    The registration of participants for an All-Russian student contest "I am a professional" continues. 50 thousand students from all over Russia will try their chances and apply for the best master’s and Ph.D. programs of the leading Russian universities and present their projects to the best employers in the industry. Students from 550 Russian towns already applied for the contest in just one week. Most of the applications came from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tyumen, Krasnodar and Yekaterinburg.


  • Artur Khanov: I Can’t Even Imagine A Profession That Gives You This Much Freedom

    On Tuesday, November 7, the registration period for the National student competition “I’m a Professional” begins.This is the first event of such kind in Russia that’s been organized jointly by representatives of business, industry, and universities. The competition is conducted in 27 categories, three of which - computer and information sciences, informational cybersecurity and photonics - are supervised by ITMO University. The winners have the opportunity to enroll in Master’s and PhD programs of Russian universities on a tuition-free basis. We’ve decided to ask some of the recurring winners of professional competitions about creating one’s unique educational path and the opportunities that are not to be missed during one’s university years. Today, we publish Artur Khanov’s story - he is one of the first participants of the CTF movement in Russia, a CEO and Skolkovo resident since his PhD years who’s now successfully combining teaching and working on his personal projects.