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  • Student Spotlight: Padanada Mewezinoh, Togo

    Padanada's fascination with St. Petersburg was sparked by a project he received from a client at work. As he delved into the intricacies of St. Petersburg, a dream took root within him – to one day call this city home. Fast-forward to today, when Padanada finds himself not only living in St. Petersburg, but also pursuing a Master's degree in software engineering at ITMO. In this interview, Padanada graciously shares insights into his homeland of Togo, his rich cultural heritage, and the experiences that have shaped his remarkable journey.


  • Virtual Splendor: St. Petersburg in Video Games

    With its striking, timeless look, St. Petersburg is a city that lends itself well to every medium. We’ve already told you about the many appearances it has made in cinema, both Russian and international, but today, we’ll focus on the most interactive way to (re-)experience the city: video games. From painstaking recreations to vibes-based amalgamations, here are some of the best ways to explore St. Petersburg in virtual form:


  • The City of Superlatives: Smallest Landmarks in St. Petersburg

    Welcome to the first installment of our new series, in which we look at St. Petersburg through the lens of its “record-breaking” landmarks. Today, it’s all about the smallest, narrowest, and shortest – the devil is in the details and a city’s charm is often in its tiniest attractions. Let’s explore them today!


  • Student Spotlight: Abdulkareem Al-Zubaidi, Yemen

    Meet Abdulkareem Al-Zubaidi, a 23-year-old Yemeni student carving his path in mechatronics and robotics at ITMO. From the serene village of Falina to the bustling streets of St. Petersburg, Abdulkareem's quest for knowledge and cultural exploration has taken him on a transformative journey. Read on to learn more.


  • Student Spotlight: Hassan Ehsani, Afghanistan

    Meet Hassan Eshani from Afghanistan, who is currently immersed in his software engineering studies at ITMO. With a full scholarship from the Russian government, Hassan has valuable insights and advice for aspiring students planning to study abroad. Let's plunge into this enlightening conversation to gain a glimpse into Hassan's remarkable adventure in Russia.


  • Unexplored St. Petersburg: Narvskaya Zastava

    As spring melts the snow underfoot and brightens the sky above, staying at home almost feels like a crime. Let’s go for a walk and explore the area around the Narvskaya metro station, known for its garden-city charm and Soviet architectural layers.


  • 5 Paintings To See in the Russian Museum

    Continuing our series on the must-sees at St. Pete's major museums, we're moving forward to the State Russian Museum – and its top five art pieces you cannot miss.


  • Student Spotlight: Collins Awusa, Nigeria

    Introducing Collins Awusa, a first-year Bachelor’s student of mechatronics and robotics at ITMO. In this interview, Collins talks about his journey, challenges, and unexpected opportunities, including his participation in the World Youth Festival as a delegate from St. Petersburg. Stay tuned to gain insights into his unique experience and valuable advice for future students considering Russia for their education.


  • Student Spotlight: Yemane Habtemichael Gebremeskal, Eritrea

    Step into the shoes of Yemane, a PhD student from Eritrea, as he unravels the intricacies of his PhD work at ITMO. From the vibrant markets of Eritrea to the scientific landscape of Siberia, Yemane shares his academic adventure, cultural encounters, and the magnetic pull that led him to the heart of Russia. Join us as we delve into his commitment to green food technology, mentoring endeavors, and the unique charm that makes St. Petersburg his academic haven.


  • Student Spotlight: Zhu Wentao, China

    In St. Petersburg, where the Neva River gently flows and innovation meets tradition, Zhu Wentao has embarked on a new voyage. As he navigates deep learning, we sit down with Wentao to learn what led him to choose ITMO for his Master's degree – and gain insights into everything that now frames his new life in Russia.