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  • The Results of Q.E.D Competition or How People Solved Math Tasks

    Last weekend ITMO hosted the Q.E.D Competition [from Latin "quod erat demonstrandum" which is "what was to be demonstrated" -Ed.]. The participants had to solve 10 tasks. They didn’t need to be versed in formula and theorems — one could solve everything using logic.


  • Bioinformatic Contest 2017: The Results

    St. Petersburg's first contest in bionformatics took place in the end of February, 2017. The contest was organized by the Bioinformatics Institute, and all the tasks were prepared by ITMO's students and graduates. During the two-week preliminaries, which lasted for two weeks, three thousand programmers and specialists in bioinformatics tried to get into the final round, where in just 24 hours they had to reconstruct a metagenome, define an unknown part of a modified DNA strand, and solve many other tasks. Vinaliy Aksenov, ITMO's PhD student and one of the contests coordinators, shared on its tasks and results.


  • Does Your School Have the Best Programmers? ITMO Does!

    On February 19 HackerRank platform published the results of the University CodeSprint, the international contest for programmers. This year ITMO University took first place (361.9 points) by a significant margin (the team placed 2nd got only 299.58 points).


  • Big Data for Insurance: How Algorithms Affect Car Insurance Prices

    Owners of red cars get into car accidents more frequently than others. This statement may seem ridiculous, but sometimes, having analyzed large amounts of data, specialists find unexpected facts. Moreover, the results of Big Data surveys are very helpful for marketing strategies. Yaroslav Polin, who recently received the award for his big data analysis in the field of insurance, talked about his project.


  • Science by High-School Students: Young Engineers Presented their Projects

    Over the last few days, the 13th Baltic Science and Engineering Competition has been taking place at ITMO. This year you can look at 289 projects by 349 participants from Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Here are some projects made by some of the young talents.


  • 13th Baltic Science and Engineering Competition: From Small Discoveries to Great Accomplishments

    While adults think of global trends, children contribute to the future having no doubts. This year, they presented their technical solutions for the 13th time at the Baltic Science and Engineering Competition in St. Petersburg. Traditionally, the competition took place in ITMO.


  • Baltic Research Contest: Best Students, Great Opportunities

    The Baltic Research Contest gives its winners a rare opportunity: to experience what a full-fledged scientist does and present a project to a group of world-class experts at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF). Maksim Vagner, last year's winner and now a freshman at ITMO University, shared about his research project, the skills he got during the contest and Intel ISEF.


  • Now You Can "Solve It!" at ITMO

    In a little bit more than a month the All Russian Test on Physics, Math and Informatics "Solve It!" will take place in several large Russian Universities including ITMO University. Thanks to Yandex.Contest platform it will be possible to solve 15 tasks online. The main feature of the test is that any person can try to test his or her knowledge: a businessman, a politician, an actor, a humanitarian student…its organizers believe the more people will be involved, the more popular STEM disciplines will be. "SolveIt!" will take place on February 15, 2017.


  • Robotex-2016: Robots Race, Swim and Do Sumo!

    The world's biggest contest in robotics — Robotech-2016 — has just ended in Tallinn. Autonomous robots battled each other in sumo, water races, motor runs and other different challenges. The contest brought together more than 2600 developers from universities and companies, including the members of ITMO's MT.lab, who shared their impressions of the contest in an interview to our portal.


  • Innopolis University Invites to Participate in Exchange Programs

    Students of ITMO University who follow programs in data security, robotics and programming can apply for participating in a contest for a half-year free training program at the Innopolis University. In the spring of 2017, five winners will go to Kazan. Master's students can apply for such schools as "Secure Networks and Systems Development", "Robotics", "Software Development Management" and "Big Data Management". The Bachelors can apply for "Computer Science".


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