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  • "Assemble a University": Nationwide Hackathon Contributes to NTI Project

    The new educational project University 20.35 has been launched as part of Russia’s National Technology Initiative. Its goal is to train the specialists of the future who will implement projects for high-tech markets. University 20.35 will be a digital network university that will make use of the country's best programs and courses. Every student’s educational path will be personalized and based on modules. University 20.35 is currently in its development stage; from November 7 to 9, a nationwide hackathon “Assemble a University” has been conducted so as to contribute to its creation. Students,  developers and startupers presented their ideas and prototypes of instruments that can be used for the project; ITMO.NEWS learned about the future university from the very people who aspire to study there.


  • VK Hackathon Winners: Using New Tech to Run Online Communities

    The third Hackathon of the largest Russian social network VK was held in St. Petersburg on October 20 to 22. Compared with the events of previous years, this hackathon has become larger: the number of participants exceeded 300, winners could choose from five different areas of software development and the prize fund became one million rubles. The winners were given only 40 hours to develop their application. The winners of the category "Media" - Master’s degree students at ITMO’s Computer Technology Department Victor Khovansky and Evgeniy Varlamov (Team Traffox) - spoke to ITMO.NEWS about their software Neon and how it helps community managers monitor incoming content.


  • ITMO Students Develop Smart Footwear for People with DIsabilities

    The team from ITMO University got first place at the recent BEZGRANIZ COUTURE SAP FashionTech Hackathon that focused on developing clothing for people with disabilities. The students created a prototype version of smart heated shoes with a special design that makes them easier to put on.


  • TADHack 2017: ITMO Students Finish Third with Tourism App

    Students from ITMO University’s Computer Technologies Department have won third place at the St. Petersburg event of the Telecom Application Development Hackathon (TADHack), which was held in more than 30 cities around the world from September 22 to 24. The competition requires participants to develop telecommunications software. More about the event and ITMO team’s project below.


  • Developers Present Projects at Girls4Tech Hackathon

    This summer the Girls4Tech project school for female programmers, engineers and entrepreneurs was launched in St. Petersburg and Moscow. It is organized by ITMO University, the Moscow Polytechnic University and the Moscow office of international accelerator NUMA. In late August, a hackathon was held as part of the program. Participants from both cities met at ITMO University in the offices of the IdealMachine accelerator to try and solve case tasks from ITMO University and the Petrovich and Bayer companies. 


  • ICO-Hypethon: Will Bitcoin Take Over The World?

    ICO-Hypethon, a unique conference and hackathon in the field of cryptocurrency has recently taken place in the Street Art Museum creative space. Experts and users of bitcoin, blockchain technologies and platforms for attracting crypto-investments gathered in St. Petersburg to discuss the prospects of cryptocurrencies, their legal status and role in modern economy. The event also featured a hackathon of ICO projects.


  • European Hackathon Winners Came to ITMO to Study Programming

    The Open Data Hackathon took place in May, in Bolzano (Italy), bringing together developers and data scientists from all across Europe. For 24 hours, the teams worked on creating a working prototype based on one of their ideas. The winners of the hackathon took the main prize: a trip to St. Petersburg for a two-day intensive programming course at ITMO University. This year, ITMO has become a seven-time winner of ACM ICPC and remains the world record holder for most wins


  • A Specialist in Photonics Doing IT: ITMO's Master's Student Wins the Hackathon in Singapore

    Finding suspicious transactions, creating his own bitcoin, choosing a unique application for a particular client and finally winning the hackathon of Singapore's largest bank DBS - this is the story of Pavel Dmitriev, ITMO's Master's student and engineer at the Department of Nano-Photonics and Metamaterials who is currently doing an internship atSingapore’s Agency for Science, Technology and Research. In an interview to ITMO.NEWS, he shared his experience and explained why a scientist focusing on photonics should know programming, how to not give up after almost everything you've done fails, how to surprise the jury and finally decline a great job offer in order to pursue science.


  • From Entertainment to Medicine: Programmers Presented their Projects at AI Hackathon

    The AI Hackathon took place in the Higher School of Economics last weekend. Fifty seven teams presented ML, DL and AI technologies for solving medical, financial, social and many other problems. During the hackathon’s finals, 38 teams presented their projects in a three-minute pitch format.


  • "Genome Tetris" and Analyzing Fly Behavior: BioHack — the First Hackathon on Bioinformatics

    Last weekend, ITMO hosted St. Petersburg's first hackathon on bioinformatics — BioHack. For 48 hours, 24 teams analyzed thousands of science articles, modeled evolutionary processes, developed bioinformatics games and software which analyzes movement of flies, sequenced cheetah's genome and solved other similar tasks. Read about the event in detail in our article.