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  • ITMO’s Russian Language Summer School: Gaining New Experiences

    ITMO’s Russian language and culture summer school kicked off in St. Petersburg in mid-July and is coming to an end today with about 20 students participating from 8 countries in three different language levels. The summer school attracts university students currently studying the Russian language, as well as students of Russian origin, future students wanting to enroll in the University and simply those interested in Russian language and culture.


  • Study Abroad in One of the Best Universities in Finland

    Jumping on a 3.5 hour train ride to study in a new place for a semester might not sound a lot like ‘study abroad’, especially when you live in a country as large as Russia, but for ITMO student Mariya Shaposhnikova, crossing the border over to Finland and spending a semester at Aalto University turned out to be a really rewarding and eye-opening experience.


  • MIT Global Startup Labs: Coming Soon to Your Smartphone

    The eight-week MIT Global Startup Labs program, organized by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, was launched in June at ITMO University’s business incubator. 29 students and graduates from St. Petersburg, Moscow and Irkutsk, supervised by mentors from MIT and Sloan School of Management, are given two months to assemble a team, present a prototype of a new mobile application and to develop its marketing strategy. In August the participants will present final prototypes to potential investors. ITMO.NEWS describes the apps that very soon might be a part of your mobile experience.


  • Unexpected Russia: Interview with Chris Hastings

    This weekend we say goodbye to our English language fellow from the United States, Dr. Chris Hastings. After two years in Russia at ITMO University, he shares with us what brought him to St. Petersburg, some of his highlights of living in Russia, and what it was like working here.


  • How to get a grant for studying in USA or France? Master students from ITMO share their experiences

    Four master students from the Department of IT in the Fuel and Energy Industry of ITMO University are going to spend the next academic year abroad. Evgeniy Oskolkov, Georgiy Bogdanov and Sergey Rigin won a grant for studies in the New Mexico Highlands University in the USA and Anastasia Strusevitch achieved a grant for one year studies in Ecole Normale Superieure de Cachan (ENS de Cachan) in France. In September it will be the time for departure to the partner universities. At the end of their studies, these students will be able to get two diplomas, both the Russian and foreign ones.


  • Technopark Resident VISmart: Helping Machines Think Like Humans

    Semantic information processing technologies and semantic web software will soon allow search engines to think almost like humans. Among other things, they would be able to make logical connections between various bits of data and combine databases into unified information systems. Better yet, this related data will be visualized in a form comprehensible to a regular user. The company VISmart, a resident of ITMO University’s Technopark, is working on several projects in this field. Recently they were joined by a scientist from Austria whose research will help VISmart in improving their service that focuses on searching for and visualizing information using semantic technology.


  • French Master's Student on Coming to Russia and Differences from France

    Nicolas Jacquier, a Master’s student at the engineering school ESIEE Paris, has been working on an individual project for 2 months already as part of his internship at ITMO University. He is only staying for three months in total in St. Petersburg where he will work on Big Data visualization. In an interview with ITMO.NEWS, he spoke to us about why Europeans feel right at home in the city, the friendly relationships between professors and students, the pros and cons of writing a Master’s thesis and which European capital the city of St. Petersburg resembles the most.


  • What is EMI? Tips and Tools

    These days many educational programs in universities are offered in English and ITMO University is no exception to this trend. The university’s Foreign Language Training Center has organized a series of workshops on English Medium Instruction (EMI). On June 21, the Center’s tutors Maryam Reyhani and Aleksandra Shparberg spoke about EMI, what makes it different from teaching students in their first language (L1) and how one should teach students whose mother tongue is not English.


  • NAFSA 2017: "In Our Profession We Build Bridges, Not Walls!"

    The NAFSA 2017 exhibition & conference is coming to an end today in Los Angeles, USA. It was held on 28 May - 2 June with over 9,300 educators from around the world including leading universities from Russia participating in Project 5-100.


  • Big Data and the Russian Dream

    If you’re from Pakistan and are thinking about studying in Russia, you might want to hear about a first-hand account of how it all works, and what studying in Russia could look like for you. In fact, you’ll laugh a lot when you find out how to say “how are you?” and “good” in Russian.