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  • Nanotechnologies for Teenagers: How ITMO Promotes Physics

    What are CD's made of? Why are butterfly wings really gray? Why don’t lotus flowers absorb water? Can one write his name nanoscale? And how much space would Tolstoy's "War and Peace" take on a sheet of paper, if written like that? At ITMO University, we know how to explain nanotechnology to children in such a way that they would know that it can be both interesting and promising for one's future career. How science enters real business and why schoolers can be better than engineers at solving particular tasks — read that and more in our article!


  • ITalented: the New Course for IT Students

    To write a great resume, get a job at one's dream company and, upon becoming a team lead, complete a project every two weeks — most graduates spend years on achieving that, and many fail in process. Is there any way to change that? Surely, — believe authors of the ITalented course organized by ITMO's Personal Development Center that will start on April, 7th. During its two months, representatives of St. Petersburg's leading companies will explain how to present oneself in a new company and complete projects using "soft skills". Maksim Ivanov, one of the course's organizers, shared on what else the students will learn during the course's seven sessions.