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  • Projects by Students of DOERS International School

    The DOERS international startup school is now over. During the past two weeks, its participants have worked in teams, attended lectures by international experts, and solved various tasks. A total of 20 students from Russia, Finland, India, Iran, and Uzbekistan took part. Learn more about the event in this ITMO.NEWS article.


  • ITMO Students and Staff Take Part in Startup Festival *ship

    In the beginning of August 2019, students and staff of ITMO University took part in *ship, a major startup event in South-East Finland, as part of the Finland-Russia cross-border cooperation program’s project Startup Connect. This year’s event brought together 50 teams from more than 20 countries. Keep reading to find out what participants from ITMO University have to say about their experience sharing expertise with colleagues from abroad.


  • CEO of TuSion on Participating in Startup Festivals

    TuSion is a neurogaming app that helps users develop their cognitive abilities by playing with the power of their minds. The app allows to decrease one’s level of stress and increase productivity. In the past, the team participated in ITMO’s Future Technologies accelerator. Since then, the project has undergone many changes, and its team has participated in many startup festivals and contests. Their members have recently returned from the *ship international festival in Finland where they made it into to the 10 best startup teams, and will soon participate in an acceleration program in New York. We’ve spoken to TuSion’s CEO Andrei Hapsasov and learned how the project changed over time, whether there is any point in participating in contests and conferences, and how to participate effectively.