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  • ITMO Master’s Program in GenAI Certified by AI Alliance

    Big news: AI Alliance has certified ITMO’s Master’s program in deep learning and generative AI, making it the third educational program at the university to be approved by the expert committee and included in the Alliance’s registry. What’s more, the program is recommended as a gold-standard, an example to be implemented at other universities.


  • Russia’s Big Tech and Top Universities Sign Declaration on Responsible Use of Generative AI

    During the AI Day at the Russia Expo, the country’s major companies, including Sber, Yandex, and MTS, and leading universities such as the Higher School of Economics, Skoltech, Innopolis, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, ITMO University, and the Institute for System Programming of the RAS, have signed a declaration on responsible development and use of services based on generative AI. The document details the ethical principles, recommendations, and proper procedures relating to the application of generative AI.


  • AI Alliance Russia Certifies Four University-Level Educational Programs, Two by ITMO

    AI Alliance Russia, an association that includes the country’s top tech companies, has accredited four university-level educational programs. Two of the programs are developed and provided by ITMO University. Professional and public accreditation is a reliable way to identify the leaders in education and motivate Russian universities to train qualified specialists in the field of AI.